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Why Hydrotherapy is so Effective for Therapy Services

One of the integral parts of our new development, The Gums, is its incredible hydrotherapy pool. As you may have read in our recent blog post about our State-of-the-art Rehab Technologies, the hydrotherapy pool will be the best of its kind in South Australia.

With the capacity to provide treatment and support to up to 4 clients including therapy assistants, the Gums Hydrotherapy pool is available to all SACARE clients year-round. Our hydrotherapy pool is Adelaide’s most advanced hydrotherapy pool. The pool is kept at a therapeutic temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, but this is not a warm bath. The Gums Hydrotherapy environment incorporates decades of clinical evidence to provide the perfect aide to land based therapy for a range of sever diagnoses; including spinal cord and acquired brain injury.

(Once finished, the hydrotherapy pool at The Gums will be at the most advanced hydrotherapy pool in South Australia)

But why are hydrotherapy pools so effective for therapy services?

The increase in body temperature helps injured muscles heal.
The warm water increases body temperature, which increases blood flow around the circulatory system, and lowers blood pressure.This can alleviatepain andrehabilitate damaged muscles and joints. 

The water helps to alleviate pain by reducing the strain on the limbs and muscles.
Being submerged in water creates lower impact on the body which takes away the strain that is felt whilst on land. This can allow for a longer rehabilitation session, which then sees the brain create endorphins which are natural pain reliving hormones.

(Nick from Tolley House at Hope Valley , enjoying his hydrotherapy session)

The improved circulation helps the digestive and immune systems to function better.
Extra nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the body tissue through the increase in circulation, which is effect improves the digestive process. Wastes and toxins are easily removed, and lymph is spread quickly throughout the body. 

The release of endorphins in combination with lowered blood pressure is calming and can reduce stress.
All of those happy hormones floating around the body can help calm the participant down and make for more effective rehabilitation. Especially when it comes to acquired brain injuries, stressful behaviours can slow down the rehabilitation process. The calming effects can help calm anxieties and make time spent in rehab far more effective.


If you would like to find out a bit more about the rehabilitation technologies that will be included at The Gums, have a read of our snapshot here.

The Gums will be opening in December 2018, if you would like a bit more information about the facility itself; follow this link.