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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for People Living with a Disability

How many people have already asked you, “What’s your 2020 resolution?” Perhaps this question is starting to annoy you because you don’t actually have one, or maybe you love this question because you really want to talk about it! It’s 2020 and it seems that because it’s the start of a new decade, it’s more important to set a resolution this year and actually stick to it. Some people say new year’s resolutions are a waste of time because if you want to change a habit in your life, you can start any day of the year. Others can be really motivated to use the 1st of January as the perfect time to make a refreshing change in your life. Would you like to make a positive change in your life but not sure what to do exactly or where to start? We asked our blogger Alice Waterman for some goal ideas, she is one inspiring young woman who doesn’t let her disability get in the way of setting achievable goals.

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Meet the Team: Kadina Fillmore - Support Worker

Have you met Kadina Filmore? If you have, chances are that she’s greeted you with a huge smile, a hug, a burst of laughter, and a warm cuppa of tea. She’s the team leader at one of our rental supported independent living properties in Medindie. Kadina, a qualified support worker, has only been with sacare since 2017 and is someone who lives and breathes sacare's values, in particular the people she supports have become the centre of everything that she does. Kadina’s vibrant energy and compassionate nature instantly makes anyone feel at home. We asked her a few questions about what her journey has been like with sacare and what she finds most challenging and rewarding about being a support worker. 

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New accommodation: Eutopia Rise!

There is a new SACARE accommodation that's recently opened up in Kilburn and we're loving the vibe! Whilst it still is in the process of getting renovations, a new garden, and of course a barbecue, the 5 residents who previously came from Clifford House are already settling in quite nicely (including a 11 week old pug who belongs to Alyson, the accommodation manager!). What's the best part of the accommodation? The name - Eutopia Rise! 

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A Day in My Life: Sam from Briarholm

When it comes to supporting our clients, SACARE know how to provide exceptional care and support. But what is our main point of difference? Our focus is on independence and lifestyle. Our support staff are not there to care and control, they are there to help and support.