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Introducing Tammie, SACARE's new Occupational Therapist!

The SACARE team would like to introduce Tammie, our new Senior Occupational Therapist! We are so lucky to have Tammie with us, because of her extensive knowledge and expertise, along with her happy and genuine personality. Before we tell you more about Tammie, some of you may be asking, “What is Occupational Therapy?” 

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What it's like to live with Huntington's disease - a perspective from SACARE clients

The month of May has been Huntington’s Disease Awareness month, and it is a cause that is so important to us at SACARE. Huntington’s is an inherited digressive neurological disease that affects the individual’s ability to control movement, coordination, cognition, personality, and emotions. Huntington’s affects more than 1800 individuals in Australia, and there is currently no cure. 

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Ebola vs COVID-19: A clinical insight and comparison

Klade Thomas, SACARE's Manager of Clinical Services previously worked as a clinician during the West African Ebola outbreak, and below she shares a fascinating comparison of Ebola and Covid-19. The Ebola virus epidemic was a deadly life-threatening virus that affected West Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In 2016 the Ebola virus had a hospitalization rate of 57-59% and a mortality rate of 40%. It was one of the worst Ebola virus outbreaks on record.  

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The Ease of COVID-19 Restrictions

It has been almost two weeks since the last reported case of COVID-19 in South Australia. The idea of life going "back to normal" looks like it could be in our near future. The National Cabinet met last week to discuss Australia's current COVID-19 response, easing restrictions to help create safe working environments and plan to get the economy moving again. The Australian Government COVID-19 media addressed some of the key restrictions that will be eased and new programs that will be developed. They included;