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Meet Hoa: SACARE'S Clinical Nurse Educator

We are always so excited to have new team members join our community and even more excited for you to get to know them. We would like to introduce you to Hoa Chau, SACARE’s Clinical Nurse Educator. Hoa has recently joined the SACARE Clinical Services team to offer his expertise to our support workers. Hoa has experience in Acute and Critical Care Nursing including ICU and ED Nursing and has provided Training and Education at all three Universities throughout South Australia. 

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How to ask "R U OK?"

R U OK? We understand that suicide prevention can be a sensitive and complicated subject manner. We understand that it may sometimes be difficult to understand what a loved one is going through. We understand that sometimes it is not always easy to act on that gut instinct. On Thursday the 10th of September, we recognise R U OK Day. On this day, we encourage everyone to check in with their loved ones to see how they are. R U OK’s vision is to create a world where we are all connected and protected from suicide. Their goals are to; 

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Physiotherapy services now at SACARE!

SACARE has recently launched our THRIVE Therapy Services. THRIVE Therapy Services helps participants achieve their functional and meaningful goals to maximise independence, build resilience and enhance social and community participation. The THRIVE goal is to create pathways to achieve functional objectives that can assist participants with the skills they need for short term and long term functional and meaningful goals.

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COVID update - Queensland Travel

Anyone in South Australia who has visited any of the venues posted by Queensland Health during the times and dates listed is requested to self-isolate for 14 days from the date they attended the venue. A list of the venues can be found here.

Travelers returning from the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas should not attend nursing or disability homes or visit vulnerable people for 14 days from their return. This includes aged and disability care workers who should have a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to work.

SA Health is encouraging travelers to rethink their travel plans to Queensland where possible as quarantine requirements may change depending on the situation.

Call the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787, or go to for more information.