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We held a fundraiser for Huntington’s SA & NT to celebrate May’s theme, Huntington’s!

We’ve reached the end of May, which means the end of our month with a focus on creating awareness for Huntington’s Disease. We’ve done a lot to put a focus on our clients and those with Huntington’s, also we’ve been able to put a focus on the wonderful people who are working to help people with Huntington’s, and give support to one of our proudly partnered companies Huntington’s SA & NT!

On Friday 24th May we hosted a Blue themed fundraising lunch for Huntington’s SA & NT. The association do a lot of hard work for those with Huntington’s, including helping out quite a few SACARE clients. If you would like to read a bit more about exactly what the association do, please read our recent blog here.

We welcomed Michele Gilles-Clark (the General Manager of Huntington’s SA & NT) and board members from the association into our head office warehouse space. We also invited our clients with Huntington’s who live in SACARE accommodation and their support workers. We learned, we ate and most importantly… we had fun!

(Belle, Saif and Brittney all won awards for their cooking efforts. 
Want to see more photos? Have a look at our photo album here)

Highlights from the lunch included awards for the best cooks who helped cater for the event by bringing in food to share; Michele presented a guest speech and also had a (very competitive) round of extreme puzzling!

(Extreme puzzling was popular with all the guests.
Want to see more photos? Have a look at our photo album here)

As a company it is important for SACARE to work with and to support our partnered companies and organisations to create more awareness. We believe that working in collaboration with other companies in the disability sector who share similar visions to ours, will always lead to the best outcomes. We want to better the lives of those with a disability, and from a holistic perspective we cannot do this alone!

That’s why we have named June, ‘Partners Month’!

There are some incredible companies that we work with and who are doing great things for those with a disability, so stay tuned as we will share more stories about who they are and what they are doing.

Last week we wrote a blog about why we think being a Support Worker is an awesome career, why not have a read of our list here!


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