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Ways to Show someone you Love Them

Our resident blogger (and Briarholm resident) Alice, has been sharing her words of wisdom with you for a while now. If you have been following her blogs you would be well aware of all of the cool things Alice gets up to and how great her life tips can be, but do you know much about where she lives?

Briarholm offers state of the art disability care in a gorgeous updated home nestled in the lovely suburb of Kingswood. Right now there are also a few spare rooms a the pretty Briarholm, so if you would like to know more head to the page -here-.

This week Alice has been thinking about the language of love. This blog post is packed full of tips on how to show that special someone just how much you care. 

So here are Alice's Ways to Show someone you Love Them:
I think that we can all get better by telling people how much we love them, whether it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, friend or your dog!  

Here are some of my ideas of how you can express your love… 

1. We can do this by sending them a text saying how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

2. You could do something special for them, like maybe cooking their favourite food for dinner or lunch.

3. You could surprise them by taking them to the movies (if they like going to the movies).

4.You could surprise them by doing something different like taking them to see a play or a cool Fringe show in Adelaide.

5. Another way you can do something special is by giving up your time to spend a full day with them.

6. You can do their washing for them without asking… I think that they would love you forever! ;-)

7. You could take their dog for a walk so they can have some time to themselves.

8.Another beautiful thing you could do is to go for a long walk amongst nature, ending a night time gaze at the stars.

9. You could take them to play golf/tennis or any other sports that they love to play.

10. You could take them to see their favourite singer if they like going to see concerts.

11. You could take them out on a wine tasting tour up in the Adelaide Hills or Barossa Valley.

12. You could take them out shopping and spoil them to a special treat.

13. You could take them on a unique holiday that they would remember forever.

If everyone in the world told people that they loved them, the world would be a much better place to live in. 

We recently posted a blog post for Valentine's Day called "Tips for Dating with a Disability". If you would like to read that blog and maybe put Alice's tips to practice you can find that post here.



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