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Want to travel to Europe whilst making money?

HEY KIDS! (or more accurately, adults who love to embrace their free-spirit inner-child!). We have a trip of a lifetime opportunity for you...

  • Have you just finished your support worker studies or thinking about becoming one?
  • Would you like to take a bit of time off to work and travel?
  • Are you between 20-35? (or there about)
  • Are you caring and energetic?
  • Do you know someone traveling who wants to be paid for it?

If yes, well this is definitely your DREAM OPPORTUNITY!

We are looking for the right people to travel Europe with an absolute legend, AND get paid at the same time!

Ideally we'd like 7 applicants, for roughly 1 month each to be a travel buddy with Ben; a wheelchair bound tetraplegic eager to explore the flavours of Europe.
Get lost in the backstreets of a small town in Florence and taste all the wine there is on offer. Picnic under the Eiffel tower, be original and hold up the leaning tower of Pisa. Maybe just sun lazing and take in the natural beauty of the world in Portugal?

Suggested itinerary (and just remember you are getting PAID to be here)...

My needs and what I require:
I’m a C5 tetraplegic and wheelchair bound therefore; I require some daily and general assistance. I am paralysed from the chest down, have limited upper body control and no fine motor skills however, I can hold my own beer and sort myself out around accessible areas. Some of the assistance I require includes;

  • Personal care in the mornings
  • Assistance getting dressed
  • Transfers in/out of bed

All these needs will be discussed taught and practiced pre-trip.

Just a bit about the person Ben is looking for...
If you have read this far you’re probably what we are looking for! Ideally though, we are searching for someone between the age of 20-35 who is honest, caring, energetic and has a sense of adventure.  

What's required from you?
Successful applicants will be asked to work with Ben on his current roster allowing the both of you to get to know each other and for yourself to become familiar with Ben's routine. These shifts will be paid and are 100% compulsory.

Now just a heads up…
Successful applicants will be paid 6-8 hours per day with rates varying Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. However, you are to pay your own way.

Rough expenses:
You will be required to cover your own flights ( around $2400 return) and go halves in accommodation with Ben ($50/night each).

All forms of transport will be shared for example; Eurotrain England to Amsterdam costs $44 euro each. However, there are benefits! As Ben has a disability, you both get upgraded to first class on all Eurotrains. (FIRST CLASS BABY!)

If flights are booked with Qantas the companion fly’s for 50% of the fee (CHEAP FLIGHTS? YES PLEASE!)

Tourist attractions have ‘disabled’ lines avoiding the typical long waiting queues and many cities offer companion prices at tourist attractions (DID SOMEONE SAY PERKS GALORE?).

Food, drinks and anything else you want/ need will be self-funded.

Here are some rough calculations for you:

  • Monday-Friday $27 x 6 hours = $810
  • Saturday $32 x 6 hours = $192
  • Sunday $43 x 6 hours = $258
  • Total = $1260/week which is $5040/month

If we subtract accommodation at $50/night or $1400/month and flights at $2400 = $3800 this leaves you with $1240/month or $310/week extra after the main expenses.

You are basically spending what you’re earning while traveling through Europe and helping someone in need, who will also probably become your new best mate, because Ben is awesome.

How to apply?

Remember, we're looking for up to 7 people who would travel for a minimum of a month each. If you're interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, answer these short questions and send your interest to

  1. Where would you like to go on the itinerary?
  2. How long for?
  3. Why would you like to go?
  4. What language or languages can you speak?
  5. Why should you be chosen?

"Unsure? Apply anyway, you can always pull out! Look forward to meeting you!" - Cheers, Ben


Simon Peter

I am a CSW working with CARA I'm a little older than ben is lookin for at 42 but everything else seems awesome.

Id be happy to go anywhere on the itinerary for this trip for any amount of tme ben would want to put up with me.

Id like to go because who wouldnt? Ive never see most of Europe ive only been to Ireland once.

I dont have any other languages unfortunately,a smattering of french but not enough to get me through really.

I might think i could be chosen because I'm fun, caring, friendly, a snappy dresser and also love the beer.

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