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‘Transport: How it can make or break our day’, Sharing our Voice – Edition 8

Hey there everyone, the journo squad reporting here! We hope that you are well and finding our content as interesting, engaging and enjoyable as we are! In this edition; we want to talk about something that is very important to us and can at ties make or break our spirit and that is transport!

To many other people, transport is just picking up a set of keys and getting into a car, starting the ignition, key in the destination and off you go... For us, however, it isn't so simple. On a good day, when our house van is available, we need to forward plan access, ensure its available for the period of time we need, check that the staffing is right or that we have a driver available and sometimes make two trips if we have more clients in a wheelchair than the van holds. On a not so fortunate day the van may be unavailable, in repairs, or being used elsewhere and we need to order an access taxi (which we will talk more into shortly). On a really bad day, there is nothing. There is no van available, the access taxi doesn't come and we are left needing to compromise our plans.

We would like to get this across to our readers first, our feelings towards the current transport options available.



Access taxis for us personally are a great resource to engage in the community. They provide us a trip to and from our desired destinations and allow space for our individual needs such as our wheelchairs, walkers and/or other equipment. Like many other options, access taxi's do come with some form of barriers such as costing money; some drivers may be less approachable than others; they can be late or make us feel rushed and they can often be hard to find for those really short trips such as an important trip to the doctors a couple of blocks away. These are all key issues that we hope we can spread awareness too for future improvement.

"I feel like I’m on hold a lot and the waiting for taxi's gives me a bit of anxiety like thinking, are they going to come?"

"One major issue for us, is the loss of our 75% subsidy vouchers. We don't know what our future holds without them, we understand we have allocated funds within our NDIS plans, but it’s not enough, it’s not the same, I am worried. Once they are gone, they are gone! I need to now really monitor my transport money, because once it’s gone for the year - that's it. This is stressful for me."

- Mikkel

For more information on the loss of these vouchers, how it’s affecting individuals living with a disability under the NDIS and how you can support the movement and advocacy around these vouchers, please head
to: Keep South Australian Taxi Subsidy scheme

(A photo of those who recently protested the change to the taxi subsidy scheme recently at Government House - Taken from  Keep South Australian Taxi Subsidy scheme on Facebook.)



Public transport, a much cheaper alternative, however significantly more stressful and lengthy in time which can be particularly difficult with high health care needs and low cognitive abilities to plan ahead. Adelaide Metro provide fantastic services across Adelaide, getting riders to their commute safely and we truly thank the drivers in particular who face safety risks daily due to disrespectful patrons. Some of our concerns around public transport as individuals are the fact that we have to check first to see if the bus actually has a ramp and that whilst train stations have the spaces for wheelchairs to wait; it is often segregated, away from others, maybe even in the rain, really pushing the point that we are not "normal". We would love for further thought around inclusion and accessibility be considered in the future.

"An ideal world for me would be to wait at a bus stop and know that it has a ramp, every single time"

- Mikkel



We have been very fortunate with SACARE to have a house van that is available to use. Unfortunately, it is in for repairs at the moment however we are really grateful to have this as it creates further opportunities and less stress around transport. We would love when our van returns for it to be appreciated by all drivers as this is a gate way for us to engage in our communities as freely as physically possible.

"It’s a really good thing to have. It allows me to get out into the community and go to appointments, doctors, and those 'what should we do today' days become easy with near to no barriers if it’s available. I thank SACARE for this"

- Mikkel


What options are there for people who may require a driver and wheelchair accessibility?

Suburban Access Taxi’s

Whilst we know the financial barriers around continuous use with the taxi subsidies perhaps leaving our pockets, the service still remains and is still readily available for people in a wheelchair who require full accessibility and a save drive. Bookings can be made online at Suburban Access Taxis.


Adelaide Metro – Public accessible transport

Many people day to day travel on public transport and particular buses come at particular times that have fully accessible ramps available. It is recommended that you check time tables prior to jumping aboard to ensure the next available bus has accessibility. For some fact sheets and information around these please refer to where you will find videos, links, brochures and information around Accessibility and Disability under the Adelaide Metro Scheme.

Whilst we have discussed many barriers that we hold close to our hearts, we would like to look forward to our future in a way that is optimistic, so we will continue to chip away and spread awareness to the news that matters the most to us in the hopes that we can create change, further inclusion, increased community engagement and positive and meaningful lifestyles.

One thing we ask from our readers, is to spread the word and keeping pushing with anything that means a lot to you and your accessibility. You never know who will listen.

Today was brought to you by Lissy and Mikkel - Dylan tapped out for this session but was a great behind the scenes journo, sourcing us some wonderful information!

Until next time everyone,
Lissy, Dylan and Mikkel - The Journo Squad @

Above – Lissy, Dylan, Maddi (S/W Kingswood and legend friend) and Mikkel


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Great story about an important issue that highlights the need for practical, dependable transport so we can be part of the community by getting out and about.

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