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THRIVE by Volunteering: SACARE Participants Have the Chance to Give Back

Since SACARE launched THRIVE we have been able to change the lives of those who have participated in their own programs. The initial THRIVE program was designed to help participants lessen their behaviours of concern, and as time progresses, it has grown to become that and so much more.

There is a recognised need for our clients and others in the community to have access to fun, engaging and therapeutic programs, a need which THRIVE fits perfectly. We also run individual, once-off sessions for our participants who would like access to a THRIVE service, without needing to have a specialised program (however we do suggest a full program to get the full benefits from the therapeutic support program).

Another area where THRIVE is uniquely working with clients, is by helping them give back to the community around them.

THRIVE by Volunteering is a program developed by THRIVE team member Helen Neale.

“THRIVE by volunteering is about matching a person’s skills and interests to a volunteering role so that the people we support can participate in a meaningful and valued activity.”

“This came about through the discovery process we use to determine what is important to someone and how we can assist them to reach their goals. Volunteering enables people to connect with and give back to the community, upgrade their skills and breakdown social isolation.” States Helen.

One of our participants who is giving back is Quan, who lives at one of SACARE's supported independent living accommodation Barton House. Before his accident, Quan was an active Meals on Wheels volunteer. He used to gain so much joy from volunteering, so Quan expressed that he would love to be able to give back to the community again.

(Quan about to pick up a load of bread from Bakers Delight!)

With the help of a THRIVE Therapeutic Assistant Quan is now able to help out the community, by picking up left over bread from a local bakery and delivering it to Food for the Community.

"The bread collected helps many many people. With an ever increasing number of people finding it hard to make ends meet each week, having the extra delivery by Quan is hugely appreciated."

-Kathy Lee, Food for the Community Founder

Food for the Community, located at Hindmarsh, is a charity which helps people in need of basic foods, such as bread and fresh fruit and vegetables. They keep a stockpile of basic necessities for those in the community at risk of distress and hunger. You can read more about how we help Food for the Community here

“One of our THRIVE goals is to support anyone who wants to volunteer to be able to, and for this experience to provide much enjoyment and benefits.” Said Helen Neale.

If you would like to get involved with the THRIVE by Volunteering program (whether you would like to volunteer, or are looking for volunteers), please email for further information.

To read more about THRIVE, click here.