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The Importance of Teamwork

We put an emphasis on working as a team at sacare, because we believe that working together achieves better outcomes for all. This can be seen in the service we provide and the way we go about our business.

One of the most important teams we have is that of our staff members and participants. Whether it be a support worker, coordinator or even a lifestyle assistant. The bond that is created through working together is often impressive and brings so much value to both the participant and the worker.

With this in mind, we asked our resident blogger Alice Waterman, about why she thinks team work is important...

Why Team Work is Important
By Alice Waterman

Team work at SACARE is important to me. It is especially important when I have Emily the therapeutic support assistant visit me. I like having Emily come to see me because one of the activities we do is cooking. Team work is important when cooking because we have to listen to each other, and try not do things like cutting up vegetables too fast or we could cut ourselves. Working in a team is very important because if we don’t we may do something wrong with our food and it could taste bad. Working in a team when I do cooking is very important because if we don’t, we could put a wrong ingredient into the meal that we are making.

(Alice and her Therapeutic Support Assistant Emily, at the 2018 end of year party.)

I also work at a design company called Blend Creative. At my work we always listen to the brief that we are given to follow and then we can ask questions if we have anything to discuss. It is important to work and listen as a team, so we don’t muddle up a company’s brief.

Blend Creative is a fantastic design agency and employer that hires people living with a disability. Read more about them here.

In any work place you have to follow the rules because if you don’t listen to other people in the work place you may do something, you could harm yourself or put the teamwork behind!

Working as a team in sports is also very important. It is good to get along with you team mates, because if you don’t you might have a low score. It is also important to get along with your coach, otherwise they might ask you to leave the team.

At hospitals, nurses have to get along with each other because everyone is there to help the patients and run to a schedule, also making sure they all get their tea breaks!

In any family people have to listen to each other and follow the rules of the family and be respectful of each other, as family is one of the most important teams.

At schools/universities and TAFE students and teachers have to listen and follow the class rules because you could misunderstand an assignment and not get the most out of your learning.

In restaurants working as a team is very important because if the staff doesn’t work as a team, they could do something wrong- like spoiling the food or giving bad service.

Gardeners have to follow the owner/ workplace rules if they didn’t, they could cut the wrong plants and flowers/trees, and nobody wants their garden looking bad!

If factory workers didn’t follow the rules they could cut their fingers could end up in hospital, without their fingers.

These are my reasons why I think team work is important, I can’t wait to share another blog with you next month.

Until then!

Alice Waterman

If you would like to learn about starting your own team and having sacare's wonderful Support Workers come and help you in your home, have a look at your options here.