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The Gums Facility in Salisbury is now hiring!

Recruitment has begun for SACARE's latest facility, The Gums in Salisbury. We are seeking expressions of interest from highly professional disability support workers and registered nurses. The Gums, an extraordinary supported independent living facility, will provide high-quality health care, injury recovery and transitional services for the short, medium or long term – it sets a new standard in care for people living with disability. For more information about The Gums, click here.  

At The Gums, you will have the opportunity to work as part of a vibrant multi-disciplinary team, delivering bespoke treatments focused on our clients and returning them to their full potential. 

The Gums is accommodating to a range of complex and highly dependent clients, including people with respirators, feeding tubes, complex amputations and Muscular Dystrophies. The Gums aims to see our clients transition to the next stage of their life, which may be returning to work, living independently or more functional personal goals. You will have the opportunity to utilise cutting-edge technology and multi-disciplinary therapies to provide successful transitional opportunities for clients and care for their recovery.

If you’ve been searching for something that will give your career an exciting new energy-boost in one of the finest facilities in the country, we invite you to apply.  

Our recruiting process ensures we employ the best of the best. We are not only looking for people with great experience and up-to-date knowledge, but those who are flexible, committed and have an infectious attitude. These traits are essential in this environment and crucial for this exciting new position. 

If you are a dedicated support worker and would like to apply for a role at The Gums, please follow this link to our application page.

We're also looking for Registered Nurses to work at The Gums. If you are an RN please click on this link to view the current application page.

Good luck!

If you would like to find out a bit more about our Support Worker recruitment process, please read our blog 'The Path to becoming a Support Worker for SACARE' here.

For more information about our exciting new facility The Gums, please read our blog post 'The Gums Explained' here.