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The 5 Engaging Areas of Our Sensory Garden

We enticed you with the notion of 5 unique areas in our world-class Sensory Garden, and finally, we reveal the theme and composition of each space! 


Picture this – you’re sitting and enjoying a delicious coffee outside, and look up to admire the lush tropical plants overhead. Relaxing huh?

The first of our 5 gardens is ‘The Hanging Garden’, which involves an abundance of tropical plants hung using a vertical garden apparatus, surrounding a comfortable seating area.

(A lush, tropical plant by Mike Marquez)


Next on the list, we have ‘The Rose Garden’. This beautiful space will consist of multiple varieties of roses that flower all year round, providing picturesque scenery no matter the season!

(Bright yellow roses shot by Justin DoCanto: Unsplash)


Designed to align with a beautiful central tree, ‘The Traditional English Garden’ will incorporate box hedges, lush lawn and water features – something straight out of Pride and Prejudice!

(Traditional English gardens in Cornwall, photo by falco: Pixabay)


Now, prepare to transport yourself to the tranquil Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan.

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Himeji Garden in Central Adelaide, and the Koko-en Garden in Japan, ‘The Japanese Garden’ is a truly unique space which will incorporate water, bamboo, rock sculptures and a gravel garden.

(Adelaide Himeji Garden, taken by Lesley A Butler: Flickr)

(Himeji Kokoen Garden in Japan, taken by Tammy Tang: Flickr)



The overall aim of a sensory garden is to achieve maximum engagement of all senses.

While all other spaces in the garden are designed to appeal to the senses in different ways. ‘The Sensory Round-About’ will offer a multi-sensory experience. Below are some of the elements we are including.

SMELL: Daphne Eternal, Heliotrope Plum Pie, Salvias and Gardenia

(Beautiful Salvia (Sage), by _Alicja_: Pixabay)

TASTE: Basil, Coriander, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm, Oregano and Sage

(Rosemary herb, taken by Samueles: Pixabay)

HEAR: Bamboo wind chimes, running water outdoor speakers and gravel under-foot

TOUCH: Lambs Ear, Southern Plains Banksia, Agasatache-Summer Love, a sandpaper wall, running water, loose rocks, etc.

(The unique Banksia flower, taken by luciabarabino: Pixabay)

SEE: Japanese Cherry Blossom, artistic sight boards and tightly cut hedging

(Japanese Cherry Blossom flowers, taken by Couleur: Pixabay)

Thank you to all those who have inspired, motivated and helped along the way to creating our magnificent Sensory Garden at The Gums, Supported Independent Living and Transitional Services Centre.

To read more about the garden, click here, or to learn more about The Gums, click here .

As said in our very first Sensory Garden announcement – LET’S GET GARDENING!



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