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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Heather and Mavis's Story

Have you noticed that we LOVE to share the stories of both our clients and our staff?

Well if you haven’t… we really do, and it even inspired us to run a company-wide competition to find the ultimate power-duos. What is a power-duo? Well, it's when two people work together to totally thrive in life. It's when a support worker and a client are doing amazing things and they both help each other out to live their best life. It's about respect for each other, appreciation and gratitude, but above all, it's about having fun together and making the most out of each other's day.

One of our favourite entries was from sacare client Heather, and her support worker Mavis.

Heather nominated her Support Worker, Mavis and herself for this power duo award… here is her entry:

“When I was matched with Mavis an instant bond was connected. Before Mavis and I started working we must have chatted for a good 15 minutes. Mavis is a good hard worker and very person focused. I'm always very concourse of time but Mavis has always said, ‘time doesn’t matter’, due to Mavis wanting to make sure that I'm totally comfortable and all the chores had been completed before leaving.

Mavis is filled with love laughter and opens up and shares with me about her life too.

Mavis also said to me that she ‘travels’ into so many people's lives and that Mavis feels she has been on holiday with all of the memories that people share with her.”

With such a gorgeous connection between the pair, we sent Molly to go and find out a little bit more about why they were an excellent team…

Heather: Like I said on my email, Mavis will go beyond her work. She will stay that little bit more. She doesn’t care about time; she just stays with me- until everything is done and I’m happy. Normally I have to tell her “go, go, go… just go away, go!”.

Interviewer, Molly: Mavis, is there any reason why Heather is special to you as a client?

Mavis: Oh yes. So, after joining sacare she was my first client. It was like “oh dear, I hope this is going to be good”. I don’t want to lie, I was a little bit anxious- you know when you are new to the job and you’re not too sure. You can look at the care plan and everything else they need, but I think it still doesn’t truly reflect the person that you’re going to meet, until you meet them…

And then I met Heather, and [Service Coordinator] Michael had said to me, “Ah she’s a lovely, sweet lady- you’re going to like her”. So, when I came in, I had that expectation of, ‘If Michael says I’m on with someone nice- I’m sure they’re going to be nice. Would he lie to me?’. And then when I met her... after my first visit, she took me to the shop and I was thinking, ‘hmm, you know what this is actually going to be fun’. It didn’t feel like it was a shift, I felt more like we went out, had fun and went for a walk on the beach. So, it was a very good welcome for me. It was going to be fun and wasn’t what I expected. Now it’s just one of those shifts that I get to look forward to because I work and have fun at the same time.

Molly: So, you guys have built a friendship as well as working together? That’s lovely!

Both: Yes.

Molly: I know a bit of Heather’s story, but Mavis, how did you find sacare?

Mavis: I think I found sacare on Indeed. I was just going through and applying for a lot of jobs, so when sacare called me in for assessment centre I was like, “Where did I apply? Are you sure?”.

Molly: Oh great. How long have you been with the company?

Mavis: Since May.

Molly: This year? You’re fresh!

Mavis: Yes from May, and I’m enjoying it. Everyone has been so nice and accommodating.

(Heather and Mavis have a clear connection!)

Molly: Do either of you have anything else to talk about in terms of your friendship/ work? Or any other reasons why we should pick you to win the competition?

Mavis: For me, the little bit extra is that Heather is a person. Sometimes you can have preconceived notions, but she has really just opened up my, I suppose my personality more. She has allowed me to see beyond, ‘when I meet you, I have a preconceived idea’, but meeting Heather has allowed me to take a step back and think ‘you know what? There is more to this person’. Heather has lived with a disability her whole life and there is so much that she knows and understands. There are ways that you feel, ‘maybe I should, maybe I should not’, but she is so self-sufficient. She has two children... twins! I’m even struggling with one, she had TWINS. Sometimes it makes me stop, you know. Even in terms of how she relates to humanity, and her house… There is a little bit of everything. And I’m like, ‘ah do you have ancestry?’, and she’s like ‘no, no, no, I just like the pictures’. I thought maybe she had a very multicultural heritage after I looked around at all the paintings. But that’s the type of person she is. She’s so open minded, she gives you a chance to show you her personality before she judges. She’s not very good at telling you off though. She’s far too nice. You just have to keep checking with her. But I think as a person, I have admiration for her. She pushes me to be and go that extra mile, because she’s so appreciative. She’s the only person I know who says, ‘Thank you’, more than 20 times in a two hour period. So it makes it easy to go that extra mile.

Molly: That is so beautiful! Is there anything extra you want to add Heather?

Heather: Wow! Thank you, Mavis!

Mavis: See I told you about all the thank yous... we’re already on four!

Heather: Wow. That’s all I can say. It's wonderful to hear that.

Molly: So, we ran this competition about a month ago- it's amazing how fast you got to know each other and realised how fantastic her support is.

Heather: Yeah probably because I was quite sick, I wasn’t feeling too good, I was having a bad day. Well actually I was having a really, really bad day, so Jody [Service Coordinator] got Mavis in for about 5 hours with me. And by the time, I was as happy as I could be. When she arrived, I was crying my eyes out, but by the end I was laughing.

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