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Speed-Networking: The Key to Meaningful Collaboration In The Disability Sector

On the July 23 SACARE is excited to be holding a ‘Ready-Set-Connect’ speed networking event for those who work in the Disability sector. Put on by the networking event geniuses from One Community the event aims to bring together like minded people and give everyone the opportunity to build meaningful connections.

"Ready-Set-Connect" is like speed-dating, but for networkers! The main idea is for this event to be both professional and time saving, while still giving attendees the best opportunities to effectively connect.

As described on the One Community Website, “They are all about sharing industry knowledge, information and contacts.” The way the sessions are devised means that every attendee gets the opportunity and enough time to meet with each table host… But when you’re on a time limit with each group, it could be a struggle to quickly make the right connections. So that’s why we asked the crew from One Community, why we should embrace speed-networking over the old-fashioned style?

“We find the speed dating set up works really well as it gives organisations a chance to speak to everyone. Organisations tend to like this format as when they go to expos people will wander past them and not engage in conversation assuming they know what they do. At the "Ready-Set-Connect Events people sit with every organisation for 5 minutes so get to connect and engage in conversation. It’s not awkward because it is only for 5 minutes! Generally, we assume we know everything about an organisation if we know their name but mostly this is not the case. I also love the speed dating format as it is a great personal development opportunity teaching people how to engage face to face. I believe we have lost this skill in today’s world.”

Not only is connecting with other disability providers important but exploring possible collaborations could also be of benefit. Shelley from One Community spoke about the power of collaborations between disability service providers,

“A major challenge for service providers is working in the new customer-driven environment that relies on effectively marketing themselves and the ability to continuously connect to new business. And for people with disabilities and their families, challenges include finding the right services, connecting quickly and effectively utilising their funding. Collaborating can help solve these issues and increase brand awareness. It can ensure that if you can’t deliver a particular service you can help refer to another which is great customer service and a tick for your organisation. It’s also so important for Support Coordinators to network and ensure they find the right services for their clients/customers. We are in a world where we rely on emails and phone calls, so our networking events provide a platform to meet people face to face in a short period of time.” 

Interested in coming to our “Ready-Set-Connect” event, hosted by One Community on July 23rd?
Head to the Facebook event here for details and tickets.

Hope to see you there!


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