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SHARING OUR VOICE - Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

DOGS – DOGS – DOGS – DOGS – DOGS… OK, we have your attention now. 

We here at SACARE are lucky enough to spend time with the wonderful trainers and the dogs in training at Australian Lions Hearing Dogs. We get to get amongst the love, slobber, and watch them grow in new environments with the guidance of their loyal trainers who we value very much. We even get to bend the rules slightly and have ample pats – so good for the soul.

Did you know that 1 in 6 people suffer from hearing loss which is growing every day, this is where these gorgeous puppers come into play and become a companion and support for a lucky new owner.

“We have transformed the lives of hundreds of Australians by providing independence, security and confidence. As well as being loyal companions for many years, some of our dogs have even saved lives.

With the support of Lions Clubs across Australia, we have been providing trained Hearing Dogs to those in need since 1982. An Australian Lions Hearing Dog can be any shape or size, as the majority of our dogs are sourced from pounds, shelters and rescue organisations.”

The wonderful trainers from Australian Lions Hearing Dogs with clients, Mikkel, Dylan and Alice with dogs Agnes, Brody and Lolly (All named from left to right)


~ Dogs can hear up to 9 sounds ~

~ Training takes 6 to 8 months ~

~ A dog is played every 14 days ~

~ Training costs per dog is $30,000 ~

Now we understand that dogs are amazing, friendly, kind and loyal but they do involve a lot of work! Just like any other dogs, these furry souls still need their walks, routine and a sense of belonging. People who are hearing impaired are able to apply for a dog and the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs website explains the whole process – life with a hearing dog, training a hearing dog and which dog is me are all easily accessible using

When asked how they felt about the dogs, their training and the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, some of our clients had this feedback to share.

“The dogs make me feel good, I feel happy – they are always happy and they are good friends. I like that they help people stay home and safe, that they are loyal and they let people live normal lives.” – Mikkel

“The dogs make me really happy, I just look at them a lot and I smile. I cant be sad around those dogs, how could you? The give people a chance to live life and be normal” – Dylan

Alice and Lauren also got amongst the puppers however jetted off quickly before making comments but the smiles around the room sure were evident that we love these visits! Recently, we had little Astro visit and he is now in his forever home helping his new owner navigate life safely!

There are many ways you can help the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs continue to be awesome through donations and programs. They can be contacted here…

Mt Barker Road, Verdun,
South Australia, 5245
Phone: (08) 8388-7836

We could go on for days about dogs. We really do LOVE dogs around here at SACARE. Did you know we are dog friendly? Office dogs are innovative ways to keep people buzzed, positive and hard working! A nice little play or sharing of lunch with a doggo is the perfect dose of happiness for your day!

As always, we thank you for your time! We just have one little reminder for you all. YES, we get to be cheeky and pat these dogs when they visit however if you see these dogs in the community, please pay attention to the “please don’t pat me” on their vest. What might look just like a stroll is in fact a dog in complex training to help someone live their best live!


Yours faithfully,

Mikkel and Dylan

from The team at Kingswood.


If you would like to find out a little bit about where Mikkel and Dylan live, follow this link here.

Or read their last journalistic instalment here!



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