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My Journey to SACARE: It’s not what I planned, but I love it!

A few weeks ago we kicked off the first of our “My Journey to SACARE” interview blog posts. We wanted to start a series of interviews to introduce you to some of the different people and personalities we have working across SACARE. 


This week we spoke to Peta Hudson, a Support Worker, who has been with SACARE since 2004. We decided to interview Peta after she emailed us a lovely post about being a proud support worker (which you guys also LOVED when we shared it to Facebook!).

So without further ado, please enjoy Peta Hudson’s Journey to SACARE!

Q1. Tell us about your journey to SACARE?
Do you want to know the honest truth about why I decided to work for SACARE?
Well here you go… I was studying to do youth work, at 19 I just finished my community services cert and high school. Half way through youth work I found out I had to be 21 to get a job in that field. I didn't know what to do. As I did all the studies I could in community services, I went and found that type of work. I went to ‘’ and found SACARE right at the top of the list, applied and got the job on the 8th of August 2004. Most people will tell you that the reason they do this job is the rewarding feeling you get from helping. Honestly as I was 19, I wasn't thinking that at all, I was thinking about my youth two years I thought, I had it all set out! BUT! I stayed! I hit 21 and everything changed.

I met the most amazing, inspiring people ever. My whole outlook on life had changed. Youth work was out of the mind and being a Support Worker is what made me happy. I learnt that the happiness of my clients is the reward. That’s the honest truth about how it all started.

(Peta with Michael and Darren from Adelaide St, Magill)

Q2. What do you love most about the company?
SACARE is more than just a company to me. As stated above, I was young, I was fresh out of high school and had no idea what I was doing. They threw me into work and they taught me everything I know now about being a great Support Worker, a friend, a coworker. I am now 33 and I have seen many things change with SACARE, but I have never seen their compassion, understanding, and their willing to help, change. I love most of the clients I have met and the teams I have worked alongside of.

Q3. What have your highlights been so far?
My number one highlight was a man called 'Joe'. I met Joe when I was still quite young. I think around 23. Joe had MND. He could still talk and walk when I first worked with him. As the years went on Joe no longer could talk or walk, shave, shower or dress himself. I spent a lot of my days with him and even though he couldn't speak to me in person, we had an understanding. Joe had a smile that could light up the room. And a laugh that was contagious. He would laugh and you'd just burst into laughter. Most of the time he'd laugh at me being 5 foot, and I him being a 6 foot tall and standing him upright. You were forever smiling with him.

Joe taught me so many things about life in general, but the biggest was to still smile and tell a joke even in your darkest days, so you could brighten up someone else's.

Before I left on holiday Joe wrote me a letter to thank me for all I have done and wished me well on my way. He told me to continue with this job as I have a “special something” about me. I hugged Joe tight even though he couldn't hug me back, as we both knew this was it. Easter came along and I got the call Joe had passed. I still see his big grin, hear him laughing at me and will never forget his advice he gave me.

Another highlight is this guy here (pictured above). I met Bruce 2 years ago, he isn't just a client he is more a guy I can now call a friend. I thank Bruce from the bottom of my heart for being there when things were tough last year, when I tried to hold myself together to do my job, he talked me through it all. He even grew a goatee to make me laugh and keep me smiling! There are many like Bruce who I haven't got a pic with but they mean so much more than just my job....they have all become friends and family.

Q4. What was a challenging moment and how did you overcome it?
My most challenging moment… Hard one as some days are tougher than others. There is one day that comes to mind that I found the hardest of all... The day a client, Brenda died. She was the most wonderful lady I have ever come across. She had my heart. I overcame it by just all the support from all the other careers and her family. We all still gather today to reminisce and remember Brenda.

Brenda was really special to me. Brenda was so excited when I told her some particularly happy news when I was pregnant. She was smiling from ear to ear. The day I lost it (3 months) I told her and her family, Brenda was so upset for me. But in true Brenda’sstyle she helped me through it with her laughter and smile. She held my hopes up that I would get back there again one day. I didn’t get that chance to tell Brenda I am getting back to IVF but I know she is watching... pushing me through it.


Q5. Inspiring quotes are everywhere... come on, tell us your fave!
Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.


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