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My Journey To SACARE: A Path Back to My Passion

At SACARE we see an importance in sharing stories, both from our clients and staff. This is the idea behind starting our blog series “My Journey to SACARE”. Each blog piece is an mini-interview with an SACARE member of staff. There are so many different roles and personalities in the company. From support workers, to HR, activity coordinators and so much more! We love getting to know a little bit more about all of them.

This week we had a chat Melissa Oxford, or Lissy (as she is known around workplace), who is relatively new to SACARE, but has such huge passion and dedication for what she does. We simply could not resist introducing you to her.
So please enjoy, Lissy’s Journey to SACARE!

Tell us about your journey to SACARE?
To be honest, I was a little lost. I was so eager to get back into the disability field, it is and has always been a passion of mine and I really ached to be back out in the community, making new friends. It is amazing how much working in this field can promote a positive mind set, big smiles and a warm heart. I stumbled upon SACARE as I was looking for a new employer I could grow with in the disability sector. I have spent my years in the healthcare and community field in different sectors, but disability has always been my calling. I hopped on to the SACARE website and was amazed by the progression and individualised, fun and inclusive approach to services provided. They seemed to empower clients and enable staff to live their best lives, and that was enough for me to want to be a part of SACARE.

What do you love most about your role?
 I love the friendships I am making & supporting my clients to reach their goals. I have been a part of supporting clients to integrate into the community, live independently and ensure the community is being provided high quality service. My role is diverse and I have been able to share my skills in different departments, which has been awesome. It’s nice to feel valued and be able to represent SACARE one smile and footstep at a time!

Any highlights of your time with SACARE?
I was able to watch one of my clients, Terri take her very first steps after injury. It was absolutely amazing. The courage in her face, dedication to work through the hard times and passion to succeed was so humbling. You can learn lots of life lessons by looking through the eyes of someone else sometimes. I do exactly this when working with Terri. She is absolutely amazing, so very inspirational and a laugh and a half to be around.

What was a challenging moment and how did you overcome it?
Facing the stigma of disability - sometimes when you are in the community, people whom may not fully understand disability and may interpret clients differently. It’s really important to reduce this stigma and spread awareness by promoting ability and inclusion. When put in these positions, I promote inclusion by keeping the clients I am supporting at the centre of the conversation. This allows my clients to take the lead and promotive positive engagement. It’s all about changing the culture - as community workers it’s our role to promote positivity.

Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to work in the disability industry?
Listen to your clients - even those that cannot speak. Learn their communication methods and use them. Truly walk in their shoes. You will not only be a good staff member - you will make a friend - you will reduce behaviours and you will help our clients be the very best version of themselves.

The world would be a better place if we?
Smiled and said hello. How many faces do you walk past daily that put their face down and look into their phones, ignoring the world passing by? Say hello to one another and ask how someone’s day is going! You really never know the importance of your words to someone else.

Inspiring quotes are everywhere... come on, tell us your fave!
The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.

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