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IT’S TIME! After two years of planning the time has come to refresh the look of SACARE…

Our look is changing but not our business, services or commitment to make a difference in the lives of people living with a disability.

Let us introduce Jumper Jumper – he signifies freedom, enthusiasm and the confidence to move forward.

He represents a personality that we hope will encourage and remind all of our clients, residents, family, friends and employees of SACARE to continually strive to enable independence for all people living with a disability.

The result of our new look is a collaboration of the family, our team at head office, support workers, clients and their families. To get to the end result, which we are really excited about, has included hours of conversations, debates, some criticism and our most recent tagline competition. We want our brand to reflect what our clients and support workers see SACARE as. Discussions repeatedly mentioned – SACARE is DIFFERENT.

We always expected that opinions of our choice of logo will vary as the image is young and childlike. While everyone grows up – we do not want SACARE to grow up or grow old, we intend to stay forever young and continue to jump as high as we can to improve our performance, encourage change and create opportunities that others will not consider or implement.

Jumper will feature with two taglines – our key tagline will be “SACARE – The difference in Disability”. The other phrase you will see is “Own Your Future”. We believe this phrase speaks to everyone who works with SACARE and everyone who chooses SACARE – you can own your future by making choices that are right for you – whether it is in employment, where you live, or how you choose to enable your independence.

It is important to remember that while our image is changing, our commitment to providing service excellence and finding solutions remains the same.


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