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What Does Community Mean to SACARE?

Mad March is upon us once again and Adelaide is alive, so what better theme for this month than to focus on community. There are so many aspects to the word community. From social communities to the broader community in which we live, sacare will be exploring what it means to us- in every sense of the word!

Throughout this month we will be having a look at how The Fringe has been making the festival more inclusive for the disability community; have a look at the ways the sacare offers support in the community; and among many other things, our resident blogger Alice will tell you all about her social community.

For an introduction to ‘Community’ for March, we're looking at community from the viewpoint of our participants, and what being an active member of the community can mean to them.

Mikkel and Dylan both live in Briarholm, our Supported Independent Living Accommodation at Kingswood. With the expert help of Activity Coordinator Melissa, the trio make up the ‘sacare Journo Squad’.

If you would like to read their last article we shared, follow this link.

When talking about exploring the community, one word springs to mind… FUN!

This statement is especially true when it comes to Dylan and Mikkel. These young men love getting out to community events and enjoying what the world has to offer. The music loving trio were also lucky enough to go to Sounds & Vibes music festival late last year- where they had an absolute ball!

(Melissa and Mikkel having a fabulous time at Sounds & Vibes)

With this in mind, we asked them what it means to get out and have fun in the community…

Mikkel: It's good because you get out of your room, you get to meet new people, feel valued in the community and sacare take me to places that I want to go to, so they really listen to who I am. I have more confidence.

Dylan: It’s pretty awesome, I get to go where I like to go and when I go somewhere new; it usually opens up a new opportunity, like a chain effect. Like I went to Sound and Vibes, which opened up doors for ‘Club Cool’ at The Gov, and now I have brought tickets to go to Groovin the M oo so getting out and having fun means that I am able to experience more in life and have some pretty awesome times doing it.

We also asked Melissa what effects she has seen on participants when she takes them out into the community for activities...
Supporting clients in the community to go out and have some fun is one of life’s greatest gifts. There is no feeling like seeing the people you support genuinely happy and proud of who they are and what they bring to this world. There really is something special about a real smile and I and you truly do notice the buzz that the events provide – the added confidence, after conversations and itch to do more fun things has molded some clients into very ambitious souls forever chasing their next adventure.


At sacare, we support our participants to live their best life they possibly can. We do this from our incredible support team in the community and supported independent living and also through the THRIVE program. To learn more about THRIVE and how you can set and achieve meaningful goals, such as working in the community, click here.




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