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How to Show You Care at Christmas

Can you believe its that time of the year again? Christmas seems to come quicker every year, and now its only a few weeks until the jolly man in red shimmy’s down our chimneys.

Alice Waterman, our resident blogger has been providing you with insightful blogs and great advice for well over a year now… So, we thought it would be fitting that she share with you some great tips to show you care this Christmas.

We look forward to more wonderful blogs by Alice in the new year, but until then please enjoy Alice’s latest installment.

How to Show you Care at Christmas 
By Alice Waterman

You can show you care by helping with getting Christmas lunch ready.

You can make sure your pets are doing okay in the hot weather.

Show your family that you care by looking after yourself and being careful to not drink too much.

You can try to make sure not to upset anyone by saying something not nice about someone.

You can also help out by taking out your Grandparents to do their Christmas shopping.
It is a good idea to get your shopping done before Christmas so not to get too stressed. And you can also make sure you have done all of your Christmas wrapping before Christmas Eve.

You can show others you care by helping with the cleanup after Christmas dinner.

You can help with Christmas lunch by serving drinks and food to people.

For my final point I would like to say everyone should be nice to each other over Christmas… and try not to get sun burn.

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Last year Alice wrote an inspiring Christmas blog about why spending time with family is important... if you would like to read that follow this link here.


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