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How The Government Could Help Young People Move Out Of Aged Care, and What My Dream Supported Accommodation Would Look Like

Recently the ABC released an article about young people with disabilities who are forced to live in aged care as they have no other options. In response to this, Alice Waterman, our resident blogger has shared her feelings toward the situation.

As a disability support provider we provide support in accommodation, but also can help provide support in home. Our community care means more people are able to stay at home, or live in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please head to our ‘contact us’ page here.

We understand that not everyone has access to services like ours for various reasons, and there is no blanket solution. But as a young person who lives in Supported Accommodation, we thought we would ask Alice Waterman (our resident blogger) about her opinion, and also what her dream supported living accommodation for young people would look like.

How The Government Could Help Young People Move Out Of Aged Care, and What My Dream Supported Accommodation Would Look Like

By Alice Waterman

There should be more places for people living with a disability so they can live a life as normal as they can.

I think that the government should give more money to people who have a disability, so they don’t have to move into aged care homes.

There should be more funding for community support workers, so those who live in their own homes are able to leave the house with support. This would mean they can enjoy their community, rather than being stuck at home.

I think everyone should have the right to live a normal life, which means being able to work. The government should provide more funding to allow for people with a disability to have support workers help them at work.

I also believe that there should be more community houses for young people who have a disability, so they don’t have to live in aged care facilities. If I were to design my dream supported living accommodation, I think the best thing would be to let people choose their own colours and style of their bedrooms/ bathrooms and living room.

I also believe that people who have a disability shouldn’t be made to feel that they can’t have pets with them. In my dream home everyone will be allowed to bring their pets.

My dream house is also very social. People will be allowed to have their friends around often in their home. There will be lots of rooms in where people can be alone with their friends. I also feel that there should be lots of tables and chairs that people who are in wheelchairs or walkers can fit under, without having to ask people to move them for them.

(Alice with her friends, housemates and staff from Briarholm, celebrating her birthday)

In my house there would be doors for people who have a disability to be able to open for themselves, so they can be independent. I also think that the house should have more outside places where people can take their visitors to when they visit. My house will also have lots of happy snaps of the people who live there up on the walls. I also believe that there should be a games room, so there is somewhere we people can play games without being really loud in other rooms.

My dream home would also have somewhere for people to chat, especially if they have had a bad day and need to talk.

For my final point I would like to say young people shouldn’t have to live in an aged care facility and there should be more homes like mine in the community for young people to live in.

Are you looking for some help maybe to get out and about? Or maybe you just need some support around the house? To find out a bit more about our in-home services, follow this link.

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