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How Can Someone with a Complex Disability Live an Independent Life?

In 2019 sacare is using each month to put a focus on a range of different themes that are important to who we are as a company and our values. To kick off the year we are putting a focus on  independence- what it means for our participants and their families.

The idea that everyone can lead an independent life, despite circumstances, is one of the core beliefs that sacare was founded on. The space and style of care we provide means that each participant is fully supported, but still has the choice and freedom to live the life they choose.

As a disability provider, sacare is primarily here to support our participants. We are not here just to provide a home, or a helping-hand with housework. We are here to support our participants needs so that they can live the best life they can possibly have.

In order to support a participant's lifestyle, we offer a range of supported independent living options and in-home services. Our lifestyle activities and award-winning THRIVE Program also encourage independence for our participants. Ultimately, it is up to the participant who decides what THEY want to do with their life, and it's up to us to work out how to make that possible.

Independence means having the space to choose your own lifestyle, and lead the life that you want to- and that’s what sacare offers to all of its participants. As we say, ‘Own Your Future’!

One of our participants who exemplifies the theme of independence and is leading an active and exciting life, is our blogger and Briarholm resident, Alice Waterman.

Alice’s blog this month is about how to live an independent life, when you have a complex disability.


“How My Life Is Independent with The Help Of Sacare”
By Alice Waterman

I have been living at my home with sacare for a couple of years now. Living at Briarholm means that I have been able to move out of my parents' home and have the support to do what I would like with my life.

Just like any other person who moved out of home in their 20’s, I now have much more space to be myself and freedom to be an independent adult. Living with sacare means that I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

I like to be independent because I can go out without having to ask my Mum and Dad if they can take me. I like being able to go for walks and be able to have my friends around. I love being able to cook whatever I want to and being able to go shopping whenever I want. I also like to visit new places and do lots of new things.

At sacare I have the space to be able to read my magazines and my comic books in a quiet place without any interruptions and noise.

I love living in sacare accommodation because I am friends with the support workers and nurses. I’m also lucky because dogs can live and visit sacare too. Which means that I can have my friend’s dogs visit and staff can also bring their puppies in for a play. I’m lucky because I can decorate my bedroom how I like. I have put up wall stickers and posters, exactly how I want them.

I also enjoy the cool new opportunities that I have had while living at sacare.  can play games outside with the other people that I live with. I like being able to write my own blogs, learning how to speak up for myself and being given the platform to share my feelings.

Moving into sacare  supported living accommodation has meant that I get to live like any other normal 25-year-old. I have moved out of home and have some great housemates. I have a job at Blend Creative and lead my own independent life, doing everything that I want to do.

Even though moving out has its ups and downs, moving out of home into Briarholm has been the best thing I have ever done.


For more information about our supported independent living accommodation, click here.

Are you completely independent in your own home but require some additional support?  Why not have a look at the In-Home services sacare offers here.


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