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Houseboat Holiday on the River Murray

Some people say, “You’re either a beach person or a river person”. River people, you know how much fun the river can be, need we say more, but beach people, we think it’s time to try something different this summer holiday and check out the absolutely breathtakingly beauty that the Murray River in South Australia has to offer.

One of the best ways to experience this beauty is by cruising down the river on a houseboat. Just take a moment and imagine this…

It’s time for a break, and you’re not willing to fly anywhere or drive too far, but you want to explore somewhere new and have a different experience. So, you decide that a houseboat holiday could be a perfect solution. You pack your bag for a week or so (the kids too if they’re in the picture), not worrying about weight restrictions, you chuck it all in the boot of your car.

You drive through the stunning Adelaide Hills and pick up some delicious wine and produce along the way before you and your group of friends or family arrive in Mannum Waters where you’re greeted by, Bob, the friendly man who welcomes you to your temporary holiday home. You board the boat, unload all your goods and set it up. You walk around the boat viewing it for the first time, with a smile on your face as that ‘holiday buzz’ enters your body. Everyone on board? Alright! Either you, someone else or Bob, steer the boat out of Mannum Waters and the cruise begins! It’s time to open all the doors, turn on the music, set up that cheese plate, slap on some sunnies, and go and chill on the deck with a glass of wine (or beer) in your hand (or coffee it’s the morning, jumping ahead here). Ahh, the sunshine feels amazing, the fresh air fills your lungs, and the water looks so still and tranquil.

Lunchtime comes around, you moor into a private area, crank up the barbie, open another bottle of vino and turn up the music. Or for those riverside gurus, you get the speedboat going and set up the water skis, donuts, wakeboards (all the fun stuff), and away you go!

Soon, either the wine has made you sleepy or the water skiing has exhausted you out, so you decide to take a nap with your bedroom door open to the side deck. You can hear a kookaburra laughing as well as some other birds chirping away. The breeze tickles your face, and you can smell that unique river scent. You really feel like you’re on holiday, and you close your eyes and drift away…

You wake up to the sound of laughter and you decide that it’s time to join in on the action. Your friends and family are playing games and you smile at the picture of everyone feeling happy and relaxed. You remember the spa, and decide to heat it up so that when evening comes around you can all enjoy a warm bubbly soak!

The sun is about to set, dinner is prepared and you all enjoy a moment to watch the sun go down and take photos of the glorious lighting and landscape. For a second you completely forget where you are because you’ve never experienced anything like this, then you realise you’re only an hour from Adelaide! Wow, this feels like a slice of heaven. Then the reality kicks in again, and you smile knowing that you have an entire week of this bliss…

Did your imagination run free a little bit then? If you’d like to enjoy a riverside holiday, SACARE offers two houseboats that are available for anyone to hire:

  • The five-bedroom Imagination, which is wheelchair accessible (and a great alternative for respite)
  • The three-bedroom Ikonic.

The summer holiday calendar is filling up rather quickly, so call 1300 145 636 to make a booking today before you miss out. Check out the houseboat page for more details.

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