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Graduation time… A new chapter begins!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as this month’s full moon shone brightly May 10 which represented change and a new chapter. May 10 marked my first day at SACARE as their digital marketing coordinator, and I was so honoured to spend my first hour at the graduation of the Enhance/SACARE Disability Support Worker Pre-employment program, which was hosted by Works Program at Tonsley in partnership with RenewalSA and the Government of South Australia.

Similarly to any graduation (and yes, this is for sure the time of year for graduating!) there was a great buzz happening at SACARE’s uber cool, warehouse space which held and celebrated 18 beautiful souls from diverse backgrounds (from Africa, to China, to India, and Australia) who have just completed their 28 week program. When 18 caring like-minded individuals get together with one goal and career path in common, you can only imagine the bond they formed by the end of their course. I definitely sensed a truly special family connection and righteously so, Di Cooper the Support Services Officer said during her the ceremony, “The students demonstrated that they have an amazing ability to care, support and encourage each other, skills that prove they are well suited to the career path they have chosen.” 80% of the graduates have now landed a job at SACARE, which is super exciting!

SACARE’s CEO Tim Prowse said how important the role of carers are in today’s society, but “More than anything, we’re about being fun. You need to have fun with what you do.” Take recent graduate Ruben for example, they shared video footage of him dancing his way through the course. His energy was infectious, and there is no doubt that his huge heart and groovy moves will inject a dose of positive vibes amongst the SACARE community.

I spoke to one of the recent graduates about why she decided to become a carer, and she said, “I was trapped in unemployment for a while, but this didn’t bring me down, it was the thought knowing that you never know what life can throw at you. You can be the fittest person one day, living a completely normal life and one day you take the wrong step at the wrong time and your entire life can change forever.” It made me realise that when you are fortunate enough to reach a moment in life where you feel grateful and happy with what’s going on within, it presents you with a perfect opportunity to help those in need. After all, we are all in this together!

Of course, there were some challenging times during the course, especially as many of the students were overcoming significant personal challenges, which at the time they thought would stop them from completing their training, but they all supported each other through it. Resilience and determination are amongst a couple of key traits that kept them focused on achieving their goal. In fact, resilience and determination are skills that we all need to achieve our goals! It’s all very well putting trust in the universe that it will take you to where you need to be, but in order to truly get there, you need to be prepared to make changes, take risks and go for it. With any completion of a certificate or degree, you gain so much more than new knowledge, you gain on a personal development level. You learn how to self-discipline yourself to step outside your comfort zone. To all those who have recently graduated in whatever field, congratulations, now it’s time to put your newly acquired expertise into action, and have faith that you’re on the right path to your new career!

For those of you who are on the other end of the spectrum and looking to let go of something that no longer serves your soul (e.g. an unfulfilling job), a qualification focused on caring opens the door to so many opportunities. If you’re inspired to learn something new and have qualities of empathy, patience, resilience and courage, then perhaps you want to consider participating in the next Works program. Contact Lisa Adams or Kelly Fergusson on 1300145636 for more details.

I’ll end with this little passage for you to ponder on…

When you’re scared, persist. When you’re tired, rest.When you hurt, feel. When you’re strong, dare. When you’re wise, read. When you’re at peace, smile. When you’re alive, help. Robin Sharma


By Milly Toovey

(Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Celebrating at the SACARE office (Above: SACARE management team with the new graduates)