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David's Story

Hi. I'm Dave. I'm 33 and live in Salisbury Downs. I have been a participant in the NDIS since November 2018. I became a client of sacare after "interviewing" several providers and in the end, sacare stood out and had the capacity to provide the support I needed.

Some of this support includes assistance with daily chores at home, transport to and assistance at medical appointments. I now have a regular team of staff who see me Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

I have always found the coordinators willing to listen to my needs and concerns regardless of how petty, small or complex they have been.

It's a hard thing letting new people, essentially strangers into your home, and that can be very difficult. But I've found the sacare support workers always wear their uniform and have ID so that does provide some peace of mind they aren't complete strangers.

Everyone's needs around the NDIS will be different. Some complex, some routine but the biggest thing I find is dealing with bureaucracy. Getting permission to do a certain thing with my funding.

I was once told the NDIS was the biggest change in policy since Medicare!

I'm on my second plan now, and after requesting a review I've gained more funding and flexibility to do more therapy type activities.

The biggest activity I do is Immersion Therapy. A pool-based swim program based at the North Adelaide Aquatic Centre. It's a world first program, check it on

I've managed to build myself up, and I now do between 25 and 30 laps of the pool with fins on and full scuba gear. Quite an achievement for someone like me who doesn't regularly exercise. Check me out below!

In addition to spending time in the pool... volunteering has always been a part of my life in some way or another. I currently volunteer my time with the City of Playford, community passenger network. I drive people in the north and northeast to and from medical appointments. I enjoy this and do it every Friday.

If you get anything from reading my story today, I want you to know about the importance of goal setting and purpose. I do volunteer work because it not only helps the community, but it lifts my spirits and gives more meaning to my life. If you want to achieve something, start off by taking small steps, and seriously don't be afraid of setting big goals like I do! Anything's possible right?!




If you are an NDIS participant living in South Australia and would like to receive similar support to what David receives, please contact us!

If you would like to learn more about we can help you set and achieve meaningful goals, you might be interested to learn more about sacare's THRIVE Program.


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