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Babies bringing joy to SACARE

Last month the ABC news released a video about a baby that helped bring back memory and speech to an aged care resident with dementia. This made us realize that babies are more powerful than we probably think.

Babies and their mums are paying regular visits to residents in SACARE’s Supported Independent Accommodation facilities and everyone’s loving it! One of SACARE’s support workers at Tolley House, Melissa, has recently returned from maternity leave. While on leave, she brought her five month old daughter Charlotte into visit the clients and staff.

“Tolley House is a family oriented facility, and it really feels that we have all become like family. Charlotte loves being at Tolley and the residents all adore having her around. One of Tolley’s residents, Laura, who has an acquired brain injury, laughs and giggles when she holds her, even attempting to move her arm around her to hold her close. Laura loves being ‘Aunty Laura’”.

“It was beautiful to witness Laura’s face light up, smile and make enthusiastic sounds when interacting with Charlotte.” Deb Johnstone, Manager at Tolley House

Another positive impact Charlotte had was with a resident who has recently passed away. “Whilst he was in a coma state, I took Charlotte in to say goodbye. It had been days since anyone had received a reaction, yet when I laid Charlotte on his chest, he gave an instant smile. It was a moment I shall never forget and will cherish forever.”

Other staff also bring their babies into Tolley and the joy on client’s faces is so beautiful to see.

Babies make a positive impact on the quality of life for our residents and many have expressed how wonderful they feel having a baby to cuddle, watch and enjoy!

We are curious to find out more about the benefits of mixing people with disability with children because we have for sure witnessed some beautiful interactions at SACARE. We wonder what further research will unfold…



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