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Another Group of Unique Individuals Shine In SACARE’s Leadership Training With The Change Department

There are many benefits for employees at sacare, from daily gym sessions at our head office to crazy end-of-year parties, however there is one employee benefit in particular that shines like no other. We are talking about the leadership courses that we offer for rising leaders amongst the company. The leadership courses run for 6 weeks and are facilitated by Matt Cesaro and Mia Handshin from The Change Department.

Matt Cesaro founded The Change Department with a passion to support individuals and organisational leaders to GROW their awareness and confidence, to EVOLVE their behaviours and actions and to SUCCEED in achieving their goals. It has been an absolute honour to have Matt and Mia host our third leadership training at our office for managers at the head office, team leaders at accommodation, registered nurses and support workers.

At the end of the course, employees graduate by presenting a five minute speech about their leadership vision in front of sacare’s General Manager, Chloe Kempe. Whilst everyone shared a nervous feeling, this provided a rare opportunity for everyone to open up their hearts, stand tall and express how their unique leadership traits help guide the essence and growth of sacare.

(The latest batch of Leadership Program Graduates)
Chloe shares that, “Matt and Mia deliver their leadership training with a passion and authenticity I have not experienced previously with a training organisation. Whilst the design of this programme is to assist in creating a strong leadership group within our organisation, the personal development and growth in leadership of every participant is exceptional. Our leaders vary in roles and responsibilities throughout the business and are not identified by seniority or salary, but selected on the values they display in their everyday work life. By far the most rewarding part of this programme for me is learning so much more about our passionate workforce and the diversity of our team and the adversity they have experienced which has lead them to their chosen career. I honestly thinks this is the reason why our services are so exceptional. At the end of each group I am privileged enough to be able to hear from each person about what they have appreciated from this course. The resilience, authenticity and trust that the group foster continues to impress me each and every time."


"Our organisation is built on a foundation of family values which we believe are important to ensure that our services are delivered with compassion, authenticity and flexibility – skills can be taught, but values cannot be. This becomes more and more evident when spending time with our team of superstars. Regardless of the position that anyone holds, their passion in leadership and commitment to our clients, sacare company values and their peers is humbling.” 

- Chloe Kempe, General Manager
It is very rare to come across so many deeply compassionate and loyal gems within one organisation. Matt and Mia have a unique ability to be able to make everyone feel like they are valued immensely within sacare. They are able to shine the light on the leaders and highlight everyone’s strengths by implementing a unique process.


“Our experience has been amazing, very knowledgeable and informative. We have grown as people and as leaders. A big thanks to Mia and Matt and to sacare for allowing us to participate in this life-changing course.”

- Jodie and Cha, Support Workers
“This program has made us realise that there is more to leadership than to just be able to take charge and create action.” - read the previous blog post about The Leadership Course here.

If you would like to work for sacare, please head to our employment page for jobs available. We are always looking for people with big hearts and great attitudes! Who knows, maybe one day you could be in one of Matt and Mia’s leadership courses!
If you’d like to learn more about The Change Department, click here.