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Tips To Help Guide You This Election: Alice Waterman's Vision For 2025

Next week is the Federal election, which means that as a nation we get to decide who is in charge of this country and its future.

For many people this can be a confusing time, it can be hard to decide who to vote for!

The best advice that we can give?

Think about the future. What change would you like to see in Australia? Maybe you could use these visions and find the political party that most represents the change that you would like to see.

But maybe you are not quite sure what you would like to happen in the next 4 years?
Well this month we asked our resident blogger Alice Waterman what she would like to see happen to Australia by the year 2025. Maybe her answers will help inspire you too! 

(Alice and Sam from Briarholm, on a recent trip to the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden)

My vision for the year 2025, by Alice Waterman

My first vision for the year 2025... I would like to see a world where everyone can be kinder to each other.

I would like to see a world where everyone has electric powered cars so we can start to save the world environmentally. I would like to see people starting to live in more environmentally friendly houses, so we can start saving the earth and stop using too much of the earth’s resources.

Did you know that SACARE partnered up with Suntrix and we have now installed their solar panels on our accommodation, including Alice's house in Kingswood? For more details, click here. 

It would be great if shops invented a pair of glasses so that someone with a disability could put on and see what clothes look like on. Shops could also be more inclusive and have somewhere where people can go to try on clothes on if they cannot go into a normal change room, because they have a disability.

I would also like to see a world where there is clothing designed for people who have a disability, so they can find clothes which are comfortable for them.

I would like to see a world where we could travel anywhere without going on a plane. Maybe in the future there will be a fast train which you can take to Melbourne or Sydney, from Adelaide.

It would be great in the future if we could take our pets with us to any restaurants/cafes in Australia too.

I would like to see a world where there are no wars at all.

I would also like to see a world where it doesn’t matter if you do not have a lot of money to get good care in hospital. Money shouldn’t matter. When you are sick; if you are an older person or in school, or university, you should be looked after.

I would also like to see more playgrounds with access for people who have a disability.

I would like to see community spaces created where you could meet someone new, places where you could build friendships or even find love.

For my final vision for 2025 I would like to see a world where anyone could be anything that they want to be.

If you’re still not sure who to vote for, why not try the ABC’s voting compass. By answering the questions you can see which political candidate shares your views on the world. Here is a link to that website.




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