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Alice Waterman's Tips on How to Set Meaningful Goals

SACARE’s new THRIVE program officially launched last month. THRIVE is all about bettering the lives of our clients through the principles of positive psychology. It’s a new individualised program that uses a multidisciplinary approach to support and engage participants in the community living with a disability. Through a range of recreational activities, counselling and holistic therapies, THRIVE is determined to improve overall wellbeing, social and community engagement, and support participants to take control of their life in order to truly “thrive”.

THRIVE is all about giving our clients control to set their own goals and achievements to work toward, while completely supported by our wonderful THRIVE team of course. If you would like to learn a little bit more about our THRIVE program, follow this link here.

One of our clients who is a huge inspiration amongst SACARE, is our resident blogger, Alice Waterman. She has shared a blog with you all about how she sets meaningful goals.

How to set Meaningful Goals

By Alice Waterman 

First thing’s first, it’s important to know who you are. Never hide your true self.

But how do you know who you are?

I learnt by trying new things. I always like to try new things… because then I can find out what my dislikes and likes are.

Sometimes it helps to learn more about your family history and to learn where you came from. 

Meeting new people can also teach you a little bit about yourself.

Not only can you meet people by going out to events, but you can meet people online, like Facebook groups and social networks.

Never just say “yes” to make other people happy. If you say “yes” to too many people, you are giving too much of yourself away and start losing yourself in return. It’s important to set and know your boundaries.

Once you start to know who you are, what your likes and dislikes are you, you can then set some goals that are meaningful to you.

The next thing is to understand what is important to you.
Is it your family, is it friends, animals, having independence, traveling, studying, learning something new? Then start!

(Alice loves to spend time with animals, especially dogs like Charlie!)

For example, one of your goals might be that you’d like to see your family more often.

Do you want to learn something new?

Is it cooking you’re interested in?

Or would you like to learn a new language that you can speak when you travel next?

Do want to meet new people, how about trying a new dating website?

Once you have set some goals, share them with friends and family so they can help you achieve them.


If you would like some help in setting some meaningful goals, and or have a loved one who might benefit from the THRIVE program so that they can live their full potential, click here to learn more about it.


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