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Alice’s tips on “How to not get overwhelmed by bills and life”

2019 is here, can you believe it?! Neither can we. It can feel quite overwhelming when time just flies by, you feel like you have so much to catch up on and so much to make the most of in life. Financial worries are one of the biggest contributors to stress, and especially after Christmas and New Years parties, your savings account may not be looking as cheery as you would have hoped for to start the year. Well, here’s Alice, our regular blogger, and resident from Briarholm, Kingswood, to provide some simple yet wise tips on how you can manage your financial worries and make space for a positive 2019.

  1. Feeling overwhelmed with life’s problems? Remember that you can ask for help from your family and friends. Be open, and have a chat with them early in the year to discuss what’s on your mind, maybe your problems aren’t as big as they seem! It’s great to just talk it out.

  2. Are you worried about your finances? Take time in your week to plan when you will pay your bills and do a little bit of budgeting. You can always speak to your local bank for advice. Make a plan to follow about earning your money and saving it.

  3. Are you wanting to earn a little more money so you can live the lifestyle you’d like? How about creating a side hustle that you can do in your out-of-work hours? Maybe you have a hobby that you can make a bit of extra cash from.

  4. When you feel like life is totally overwhelming you. Just stop for a moment. Take some time to spend on yourself and to do whatever you feel like doing. From a walk in nature to having a coffee at your favourite cafe, or reading a book. Be disciplined, because by pausing for a moment, you’ll find that you’ll be more productive later.

  5. It might be the summer season, and you probably feel like you “have to” go out and enjoy all the nice restaurants Adelaide has to offer… but you can save so much money by cooking your own meals at home rather than going out to restaurants. Be creative, cook something new, set the table, put some music on and make it fun!

  6. Find a Netflix series that you can enjoy (just be careful you don’t become too addictive!), this will help you save on movie tickets, petrol, and popcorn!

  7. Save money at the supermarket by going to farmer’s markets such as the Port Adelaide Torrens Island Market, or the Gepps Cross market. You can pick up bargains, like a box of tomatoes or sweet potatoes for $2. It can be expensive to grow your own vegetables, and difficult to manage. However grow your own herbs, you can save money and it’s easy to do!

  8. It’s hot, and your energy bill may be going through the roof this summer. Keep windows and doors open throughout the day and night to let cool breeze go through your room and house. Turn off your lights and air con when you are not using them.

  9. What about saving space in your bedroom or house? Unnecessary items in your house can create clutter and mess which can cause stress. Try cleaning out your cupboards and throw out or donate anything that you don’t use anymore. From cleaning products to clothes, to bed linen, books and games, give them to people who are struggling to afford these basics in life.

    *** SACARE supports a charity “Food For The Community” and are opening an Op Shop this month. Feel free to drop your donations off at their shop. For more details visit ***

  10. You can also save on money by taking your own shopping bags to the shopping market that way you not have to buy a new one every time that you go to the shopping.

  11. You can also save money and energy by using solar panels that way you are helping the earth and your money both at the same time.

    *** Did you know that SACARE has Suntrix solar panels on all of their accommodation. Click here to read more. ***

For my final point, I would like to say that everyone needs to stop worrying about the little things in life, summer is here and it’s a new year! So think positive, do not worry, and focus on the things that make you happy in life. I hope these tips help. Have a great 2019 everyone! I'll be back soon with my next blog post, "What it means to be independent."

Love Alice. x


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