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A Quick Guide to the 2018 South Australian State Election

The South Australian State Election. The state election decides who the State Premier is, and you also vote for who is going to represent the area that you live in.

To vote you must be an Australian Citizen, be 18 years old or older and have your name on the electoral roll.

Saturday the 17th Of March
(Unless you choose to vote earlier, but more on that in a second.)

In your electorate’s local polling booths or by post.

If you’re enrolled to vote but not sure about what electorate you’re in or where to vote... on the Electoral Commission SA website you can pop your address in and it will give you all the information you need. You can find that page here:

Just be aware that not all of the polling centres have wheelchair access, but the map also outlines which ones do. When you enter your address, it will show centres around you sign posted with the disability access symbol ( ♿).  Make sure you pay close attention if you're in a wheelchair, or going with someone who is. 

(an example of the map with disabled access polling centres)


  • You can go to your local polling booths on March 17
  • Go to a pre-polling centre, they are open from Monday 5 March 2018 until Friday 16 March. A list of those can be found here:
  • You can send in your vote by post (YOU MUST APPLY FOR THIS BY THE 15th OF MARCH)

  • You can do this by:

    Because it is important for you to have a say.

    State government affects your life because they make laws about things that impact you in different ways. For example; state government looks after hospitals, environment, roads, railways, public transport, community services and emergency services... and there are many more!

    By voting in an election you get to help decide who represents your area and also who is premier of the state... so you want to vote for someone who represents your views.

    There are three major parties this election: Labor, Liberal and SA Best. Here is a link to all of the people running: .

    Watching TV and radio ads, flyers in your letterbox or searching your candidates on the internet may help you decide who to vote for.

    Only you can decide who to vote for, but sometimes talking to family and friends might also help you to decide.


    If you’re not sure who to vote for this article helps explain what each party has announced what they will do if they are elected:


    Good luck, and don’t forget to vote ON or BEFORE this Saturday the 17th of March 2018.


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