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5 Companies Making Inclusive Fashion

For those with disabilities or special needs, getting dressed can be a difficult task (although many of us may not realise it). Most of us don’t have to consider much when we buy clothes, beyond general fit and look... but also imagine having to take into consideration whether you can easily get something on and off. Having to figure out simpler ways to wear clothing should not be a necessity in your daily life, although it is a reality when you have a disability.

International shopping brands like Target and Tommy Hilfiger have created adaptive clothing lines, although at this stage they don’t ship to Australia. And unfortunately, there are not many stylish clothing brands who make their fashion accessible for people with disability in Australia itself. Considering that 1 in 5 Australians have a disability, there is a lot of people who are missing out. We think this is quite a large issue in the Australian fashion climate and something that needs to change soon.

With this in mind we have made a list of the companies worldwide who are doing great things in accessible and adaptive fashion. Most of these companies have been forward thinking in their design, and hopefully the local fashion market can take a leaf out of their books…

Here are our top 5 companies that make accessible and fashionable clothing for people with disabilities and special needs:

1. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

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If you’re looking for some high-end fashion clothing pieces, recently, Tommy Hilfiger has added new addition to their brands, making an adaptive clothing line. They are leading the way internationally for stylish and fashionable, adaptive clothing with accessible features such as;

  • Adjustable hems
  • Magnetic buttons
  • Easy open necklines
  • Velcro closures
  • No zippers

Hilfiger has incorporated these features in a hidden, stylish way that incorporates the same look as their original range of clothing, with the added features of extra comfort and easier access. If you would like to have a look at their line, follow this link.

2. Target Adaptive

Looking to dress in a more simplistic style? Target USA offers an affordable and comfortable adaptive clothing line of stylish basics for all ages This line is designed with range of features such as;

  • Flat seams
  • Easy closures
  • Slip on designs
  • Tag-less
  • Sensory friendly
  • Elastic waistbands

Prices for their collection can be around $20 a piece, making this line the most affordable and accessible we could find. Although they do not ship to Australia, have a look at their full line at  h ere.

3. Able clothing

Looking for Australian brands? Able clothing is aimed at inspiring kids with disability who need designs catered for them. They offer comforting and fun styles for families and carers. They are designed for those who have difficulty finding suitable clothing for Children with disability. With customised designs that offers not only comfort, but good quality, Able clothing also provide an alterations service to incorporate special features including;

  • Elastic waistbands
  • Seam zippers
  • Full length zip (backside and inside of legs)
  • Snap buttons

Founder, Marcelina Casas, used her work life experiences as a seamstress and work in disability care to create a fun, fashionable and quality clothing and accessories just for children with special needs to endure their dignity and feel comfortable in their daily life.

For more information and to shop head over to

4. Timeless by Heather Hill

Another Australian owned brand, focused on elegant and high-quality adaptive clothing for women, is Timeless by Heather Hill. They strive for stylish and effortless garments to empower mature aged women with disabilities.

Special features include;

  • Wrap around designs
  • Extra-long zips
  • Hidden snap studs
  • Elastic waistbands
  • Large pockets
  • Velcro closures

This collection has a variation sizes for inclusivity of all women. So if you’re ever looking for high quality timeless fashion, head over to the website Ezibuy, where you can see their collection

5. Willow Bug

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Providing practical clothing for children and teens internationally, Willow Bug inspires kids with special need to feel and look good in what their wearing without the exhausting process of putting on clothes!

Style conscious teenagers and kids can now buy fun and stylish clothing with features that include:

  • Comfortable elasticated waistbands
  • Soft feeling lining
  • Easy access from over head
  • Can be customised to accommodate harness straps and headrests

To shop their brand, go online to

Being able to shop fashionable or basic adaptive clothing pieces has become easier over the years. Hopefully the Australian market for accessible clothing will expand sooner rather than later, and provide more locals with stylish options.

To find out more about the disconnect between accessibility and the fashion industry, have a read of the blog that Molly recently wrote by clicking this link.



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