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4 Reasons Why Nurses are AMAZING!

Working as a nurse is regarded as one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. It is by no means an easy job and at times can be exhausting, but to those who are receiving care, nurses are invaluable. Here at SACARE our Nurses are one of the most vital parts to the support we provide amongst our supported independent accommodation, and we could never thank them enough. What we can do though, is give you the top 4 reasons why we think our Nurses are AMAZING.


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4 Reasons Why Nurses are Amazing:

1. Nurses possess skills that can’t be taught.
Every nurse goes to university for 4 years to develop their medical skills and knowledge, but it’s the interpersonal skills they pick up on the way that are truly amazing. Nurses often have huge amounts of empathy and the ability to connect with people quickly- which is important in an intimate environment. These skills aren’t easy to pick up, but it makes your experience much more comfortable.

2. The job can often be thankless, but they often do it with a smile.
A lot of the time the individual might be extremely unwell, or express behaviours that are difficult to work with, but nurses always push through and put the individual first. No matter how thankless the task might be, you will never see a nurse shy away and say no. They persevere and provide the best care they possibly can.

3. They handle the things that most people can’t!
Vomit, poo, blood… all the things that most of us can’t stomach is just the norm for a nurse. They get in and deal with the (gross) things that might make the rest of us queasy. Now THAT takes a really special and tolerant person!

4. They put everyone before themselves.
Nurses embody the SACARE core value of ‘People are the centre of everything we do’. Nurses work hard to make sure everyone is ok before taking time for themselves, this often means missing breaks or staying back late. They are amazing caring souls who frequently work hard to look after everyone else, before themselves.

So, to all of those amazing nurses out there we say… thank you! We admire how hard you work and appreciate all that you do. Our world wouldn’t turn without you.  

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