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4 Awesome Reasons Why Your Next Getaway Should Be To Mannum

With the school holidays coming to a close, it’s a good time to look ahead and start planning your next escape. But seeking inspiration for that getaway can be hard. Well, how about Mannum?!

It’s a family-friendly place perfect for a group holiday, or maybe the gorgeous scenery can backdrop your next romantic retreat…?

No? Still not convinced?

We’ll let us persuade you with our top 4 reasons to getaway to Mannum…

1. It’s only a stone’s throw away!
Mannum is perfectly located one hour out of Adelaide. Just far enough to let your worries go and click into holiday mode!

(Taken from Google Maps)

It’s considered the houseboat capital of South Australia, as it boats some of the best cruising waters of the Murray system. Mannum itself only has a population of around 2,000, but there are lots of things to do in and around the town.

2. You have the healing benefits of nature
Does nature call to you? Science has proven that by being surrounded by nature, it can reduce stress, blood pressure, muscle tension and blood pressure, which helps aid the process of healing. Mannum is a great place to take in the fresh air and enjoy gorgeous landscape and wildlife. Located just past the ferry and caravan park is a picnic ground, located in an awesome bird sanctuary. 

(In the Mannum Waterfall area, taken from denisbin: Flikr) 

If you’re more into exploring, the Mannum Waterfalls has a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor! Winter is the best time to visit the waterfall, it almost guarantees the water will be flowing. 

3. It inspires you to get cultured! 
History nuts are in for a delightful time at the Mannum Dock Museum. Here you can learn all about the history of life on the Murray River, from paddleboats to the people. It also has many interactive activities, so the kids can get involved too.

( The Adelaide to Mannum bus, 1909. Taken from Aussie~Mobs: Flikr)

4. It's the perfect place to hop on a houseboat
If you’re doing your trip to Mannum properly, the best thing to do is get out and enjoy the Murray River! And what better way to do that than to hire a houseboat?

SACARE offers two houseboats for hire, Imagination and Ikonic. Imagination is one of the biggest houseboats docked at Mannum, it has 5 bedrooms, comfortably sleeps 10 and prides itself on being accessible for those with a disability. Ikonic sleeps up to six and offers a luxurious experience for those staying. Both are fully equipped and offer rooftop decks each with a spa! Read more about them here.

(Imagination and Ikonic)

A trip on a houseboat is incomplete without a cruise up the river and exploring all it has to offer. The 'Discover Murray' website is a fabulous guide for all things River Murray. This map of the river is an especially helpful guide for those who want to take the houseboat out.

When you hire an SACARE houseboat, you get the added bonus of access to other great services we hire!
  • This includes a bus transfer from anywhere in metropolitan Adelaide. Our SACARE bus can fit up to 12 people and fits two wheelchairs, so it’s an easy way to get everyone up to Mannum.
  • Feel like sitting back and relaxing as you’re taken for a cruise up the Murray? Well we can offer you a full-time skipper, who will take you to all of the best spots along the river. 
  • Or maybe you’re up for a more wild time? Well, we have you covered with a speedboat for hire (BYO boat license). We can also organise skis and wakeboards, if that’s your thing!
  • Other services we can organise are grocery delivery, meal preparation and support workers to take care of your special needs.

Although, the absolute best thing about hiring a houseboat with SACARE would be our houseboat manager Bob. He goes above and beyond to make sure that guests get the most out of their trip.

(Bob our houseboat manager showing Scott from 'The Good Scout' the ropes)

Staying on Imagination is a great way to take ALL of the family away for an inclusive holiday, we recently had Clair and Scott from ‘The Good Scout’ stay. The Good Scout is an inclusive travel website, all about showcasing the best in accessible travel.

They had an absolute ball, and are even looking to book Imagination again! Clair shared a blog post about their time, so if you would like to have a read and learn a bit more about what a trip on Imagination would be like, follow the link here.

(The Good Scout team enjoying Imagination)

Hopefully, you are now convinced and ready to book your next getaway to gorgeous little Mannum!

If you would like to learn a bit more about our houseboats, or even book in your trip click here.