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SACARE Leadership Training

Over the last few months eleven of SACARE’s team have been taking part in a Leadership Program. This program was run by Matt Cesaro from ‘The Change Department’. Team members who took part in this programme are either team leaders at our facilities, new department managers or natural leaders within SACARE.

The idea and focus of the program is to improve the leadership capability of staff members within SACARE.The program was delivered over a four month period, including six workshops and individual coaching for the participants.The key topics covered included:

  • Developing Self Awareness – exploring personality and work style preferences, approaches to handling conflict, individual values and strengths
  • Leadership Practice – leadership vision and goals, the transition to team leader, building effective manager relationships, managing resistance to change
  • Building Resilience – understanding stress, the resilient mindset, strategies for building resilience and wellbeing

Felicity Wood who you may know from our HR department and company wellbeing program, was a part of the leadership team. She found the program extremely valuable and inspiring;

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Leadership Training that SACARE provided. Creating emotional awareness and building resilience is the key to success for all future leaders.

We also explored finding purpose in our lives and I found mine! I want to show kindness by volunteering more often. Later this year I am volunteering with the Bali Animal Welfare Association. I am collecting donations for the street dogs and will be flying over in September to help out with feeding routines, walking and raising pups. Thank you SACARE for the opportunity to do some good in the world!" -Felicity Wood 

Alex Killey, SACARE’s manager of Social and Behavioural Therapies said that, “The leadership program has given me a new found appreciation for different working styles and communicating effectivity with my SACARE colleagues.”


"I loved the leadership training course because it has made me become more aware. It has given me time to reflect to stop and think before reacting. It has given me the courage to believe in myself in a positive, forward-moving environment. Thank you Matt for believing in each and everyone of us. Your knowledge and willingness to share is greatly appreciated and I am truly grateful personally and professionally." - Jody Boundy, team leader at Magill

"I loved the course because it’s made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and provided me with ways to become a better leader for my team at SACARE's Briarholm, Kingswood." - TC, team leader at Briarhol, Kingswood.


Matt Cesaro of The Change Department told us that it was a privilege to work with this group of individuals in SACARE. “They are so passionate about the work they do and the people they serve.Their openness, honesty and commitment throughout the program was fantastic. It’s great that SACARE is willing to invest in their people in this way and I’m confident the participants will continue to apply these new skills and practices in their leadership.” You can learn more about The Change Department here:

Congratulations to all of those involved, this program can definitely be considered a success. We will be looking forward to putting more team members through this training in the future.


If you would like to join the SACARE team and maybe be a part of our leadership training in the future, please head to our “Work with us” page on to see our current job opportunities.



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