THRIVE Program

The THRIVE program supports individuals to turn big dreams into reality through a multi-disciplinary approach to care and treatment.  We believe in a very simple equation. 

Development of meaningful goals + support with functional goals = Success

Put simply we understand for therapies to be successful; individuals need to have a meaningful connection to the work. 

The THRIVE program is managed by a Diversional Therapist and supported by SACARE's Therapeutic Services. The program is designed to assist people living with a disability to achieve meaningful goals.  THRIVE supports individuals who need extra encouragement to participate in community engagement through activities that improve emotional wellbeing. The goals are driven by their strengths and values to improve engagement and to increase capabilities. 

    • Community engagement and inclusion, such as joining social groups and participating in social activities. 
    • Connecting to volunteering opportunities. 
    • Developing meaningful relationships and social connections. 
    • Developing and training individual skills under the clinical guidance of an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. 
    • Assistance with the individual’s decision making including daily planning and budgeting. 

THRIVE have recently partnered with an accredited Counsellor (specialised in Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy) to offer and provide counselling services for people who are experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias and communication. 

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The THRIVE Program and Allied Health Services can be funded in any of the following ways:

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Click here to access the THRIVE Program brochure: 

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