The Gums, Salisbury

“The Gums” will be a world-class facility for Supported Independent Living and Transitional Services, of the utmost quality in all aspects. From highly trained staff and allied health professionals, to providing a multitude of physical and holistic therapies, with programs implemented to ensure clients are living their best life and achieving their personal goals. "The Gums", which has begun execution at 47 Burton Road, Salisbury, will deliver support to 20 people that have suffered catastrophic accidents and require sub-acute rehabilitation.

The site at Salisbury, which is approximately 10,500 sq metres, is bounded by the Little Para River reserve. The site is on a public transport route and is a five-minute walk from a major shopping center, recreational facilities, and community health services. 

The site includes a heritage listed villa which SACARE proposes to retain, restore and include as a focal point of a central recreation, life skills training, rehabilitation therapy and consulting hub.

The training and rehabilitation therapy unit will be available for individuals living in the high care accommodation and supported independent living units directly adjacent to the training unit. It will also be accessed by individuals living in the more independent accommodation options on the site.

The proposed development will include:

  • Central administration, consulting and rehabilitation therapy unit.
  • Modern living skills training and rehabilitation therapy unit for people living with (but not limited to) acquired disabilities such as ABIs or spinal injuries, stroke victims and people with degenerative illnesses such as MND, MS or other illnesses.
  • High Care accommodation unit for up to 8 residents requiring 24 active support and regular rehab and physio therapy programs.
  • Medium term, transitional units for up to 12 individuals who will have access to the rehabilitation/training unit.
  • As a longer term option, it is our intention to explore the possibility of enabling individuals to acquire ownership of the accommodation setting they occupy under license, as is available to people over the age of 55 who reside in aged care accommodation settings.
In addition to providing the ‘facility based’ services described above, we envisage that the core section of the amenities at ‘the Gums’ (the central administration facilities) would be used as a base from which to deliver support/management services to individuals who have either transitioned through the service into their own accommodation within the broader community, or for people who are already living, or wish to live, within the closer northern suburbs who require varying levels of ongoing personal support.


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If you are a clinician, GP, or allied-health professional and would like "The Gums" referral pad for your patients, please call 1300 145 636. You can access the digital version here.

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