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A Snapshot of The Best New Rehab Technologies You Will Find at The Gums

Our brand-new facility, The Gums will include some of the most innovative and state of the art rehabilitation technologies that are available. Through careful research and trials, the clever team here at SACARE have selected a range of incredible new technologies and services that will be used at The Gums.

Here are just a few of the rehabilitation technologies that will be utilised at The Gums:

The Walking Jacket

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‘The Walking Jacket’ can be used in the gym space through parallel bars or over obstacles. This sling allows clients who are attempting gait retraining to perform safe movements either independently or assisted by therapists. The walking jacket is designed to be used in conjunction with The Gums ceiling lifters or patient handling devices.


The MotoMed Muvi

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This machine is currently utilised by most of Australia’s top rehabilitation facilities including SA Health’s Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital. Using simultaneous movement technology, The Motomed is designed to prompt fine and gross muscle movements for improved muscle strength and endurance to the upper and lower limbs. The device utilises passive or active training and allows for the user to move both their arms and legs at the same time, which can improve the effects of therapy and reduce time. The intuitive Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) program can excite muscles in very weak muscles to gradually improve strength and increase activation to both upper and lower motor neuronal tracts.


Digital Therapy Boards

SACARE has worked with engineers to create digital therapy boards that are portable, flexible to body space requirements and will provide the most advanced therapeutic inputs from the digital world. Therapy apps are abundant in today’s rehabilitation settings. These specifically engineered boards allow a variety of clients to use the digital technology in standing, sitting, lying, suspended or in Virtual Reality.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is Adelaide’s most advanced hydrotherapy pool. With the capacity to provide treatment and support to up to 4 clients including therapy assistants, the Gums Hydrotherapy pool is available to all SACARE clients year-round. The pool is kept at a therapeutic temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, but this is not a warm bath. The Gums Hydrotherapy environment incorporates decades of clinical evidence to provide the perfect aide to land based therapy for a range of sever diagnoses; including spinal cord and acquired brain injury.


Sensory Gardens

As the name suggests, a sensory garden is designed to engage all the senses. Sensory gardens have quickly become a popular therapeutic tool for rehabilitation across the globe because of their countless benefits. Our sensory gardens will be approximately 600 square metres, using both native and introduced species of plants, with a concrete walking track snaking throughout to allow wheelchair access to all areas. The space will allow residents and clients to participate in gardening activities, pick the edible plants to be used in meals or use the garden for relaxation purposes, satisfying everyone’s individual needs.

Our sensory gardens will also be utilised by the wider community and aims to bring a community connection to The Gums.

To find out a little bit more about our plans for the sensory garden, please read the blog post here.


*** We have 8 rooms available for high or complex care need participants and 9 independent living units.  For enquires and referrals, please give us a call 1300 145 636. ***


As you may be able to tell, we’re excited about our brand-new facility The Gums. If you would like to read a little bit more about the state-of-the-art facility read our detailed blog here.

We’re also looking for superstar Support Workers and Allied Health Professionals to work at The Gums and surrounding community. If you would like to see our available job opportunities, please follow this link.