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Planning A Day Trip For Someone With A Disability: Alice Waterman’s Top Tips

The weather in Adelaide has warmed up and we're moving into the best time of the year to get out and do things. One of the best things to do is plan a full day out and see a new part of the local world around you. If you're from Adelaide and looking for local wheelchair accessible activities to get up to this summer, have a look at this list we put together of our top local activities!

But sometimes when you have a disability it may not be that easy to just grab your car and go. A day trip requires a little bit more planning. Luckily for us, our resident blogger Alice Waterman is a seasoned ‘day tripper’ and has written you the a day trip guide, from her personal experience. Making it the ultimate go to guide for when you plan your next day out!


(Alice and her support team on a recent trip to the Barossa Valley)

Alice's Tips For Planning A Day Trip When You Have A Disability:


1. Be prepared for ANY weather!
I always make sure to be prepared for anything. I pack my sunscreen, hat and also rain coat and umbrella. You just never know what the weather might bring so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Make sure to bring an ‘emergency’ pack with you .
This may include emergency medications, a list of people to contact, anything that if something went wrong you wouldn’t have to worry because you already have it.

3. Make sure that the place you’re going to visit is wheelchair accessible, or accessible enough for you.
It would be a waste of a day if you were to arrive somewhere that doesn’t have ramps, or even an accessible toilet. So make sure to call and plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

4. On hot days make sure you bring plenty of water.
If you’re an Australian, you know that our summers are HOT. It is very important that if you’re out of the house that you bring lots of water, just incase. Its also better for your wallet and the environment to BRING water, rather than to buy a bottle.

5. Before you go out, make sure you tell everyone at home where you are going.
At my home I make sure that I tell the accommodation team leaders where I am going so if anything happens they know how to contact me. It also means that if anyone is looking for me, they can let them know where I am.

6. It’s important to plan where you are going to eat.
Because of my disability, I can only eat certain types of food so it is important that I plan where I am going to eat, so I know that I can. If there are no good food options, I will make sure to pack my lunch instead.
7. My best tip is to make sure you always get a good night’s sleep in the night before.
There is nothing worse than being tired, or having no energy on a day out. Being tired means that you may say no to opportunities, and that would mean missing out!



Alice is great at sharing her insights- read her last blog post here.

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