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Looking for a career change? How about becoming a support worker?

(And work for SACARE!)

Are you seeking more purpose and meaning in life? Or maybe you're looking for a new life challenge

Why not consider support work!

Becoming a support worker is life changing, we think there are many reasons why you should consider it …

Being a support worker is incredibly rewarding.
As a support worker, you are coming into other people’s life’s and helping them to become independent, encouraging dignity, inspiring independence and ensure they are living their life in the best possible way. Isn’t that a reason to smile?

Being a support worker has flexible working hours.
Support work is not your average 9-5 job. We all have busy lives and commitments and support work is the perfect job to fit around a busy schedule. Here at SACARE we also have a wonderful support coordination team to help make sure that you’re working at times and hours that suit you and the client.

You will learn a LOT.
No two days are the same in the care industry. You will be faced with challenges, be required to problem solve and sometime think on your feet. Although at times it might seem challenging, take satisfaction in knowing you’re developing and growing.

(Support Workers from Adelaide St, Magill enjoy a fun day out with participants)

You can make lifelong connections.
Support work is frequently a team job, as you can work across different rosters and shifts with a range of personalities. And what better way to bond with people than through shared experience? Not to mention the wonderful friendships you can make with the participants you support.

You'll experience all of the good feelings.
It has been said time and time again, that there is no better feeling than when you see your client achieve something that YOU helped them improve on. Doing good for someone else gives us positive emotions that can be long lasting, often impacting our long term mental health for the better. For example seeing a client walk after supporting them through months of rehab, like Shane and Annie’s story.

Helping others achieve important milestones (big or small) will fill you with all the warm fuzzies - this alone is a good enough reason to become a support worker!

Are you sold?
Well we know a pretty cool company that are always looking for passionate support workers…

Here at SACARE, we’re an innovative and caring employer who are ALWAYS recruiting new disability support workers. We hold our assessment centre’s at our head office every second week.

SACARE is a great place to work, but don’t just take it from us, here is what a few of our current support workers have to say….

“The work is not always easy but the personal rewards of supporting someone to change life are significant. I learn every day because every clients are entirely unique. This can be both physically and mentally challenging. I love the challenging work, making a difference to myself and leading a fuller, more compassionate life. The best time for me is when I see my client improve on something that I have been supporting them on. I've been able to encourage independence for herself. I also love the working hours, they are fabulous and flexible, it suit me and my family the best.”
-Noel Chan, Community Support worker

“Been a support worker for SACARE for almost two years now, I have had nothing but an incredible journey! I’ve met so many wonderful clients as well as so many beautiful work friends. The atmosphere of the company is so friendly and family orientated and there is so much stability and room to grow within!”
- Georgia Pankhurst, Support Worker at The Gums

SO what are you waiting for?

To see all of our current job opportunities, head to our 'Work With Us' Page here.

If you would like more information about what qualifications are needed, or want to talk to someone about how we recruit; please email