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Essential Services to our Supported Accommodation

Further to our recent communication in relation to restricted access to our supported accommodation, concerns have been raised asking, what services are essential?

 All services are essential to those receiving the services, but how can we deliver these differently?

As we continue to safeguard our staff and vulnerable clients we have been asked what are essential and non-essential services, particularly within the provision of allied health services. Ideally, these services are conducted face to face, however, telehealth can be an excellent solution for both the clinician and the client.

When considering the services or programs being designed and delivered please consider what can be done over platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime. SACARE can assist with ensuring the technology is available to the client onsite with the assistance of one of our team to undertake the necessary sessions via telehealth.

During planning stages can you please remain in contact with the House Manager of each accommodation setting. In consultation, we can agree on what services must take place face to face.

To assist with the consultation can you please provide:

  • the name of each client
  • location
  • date of visit
  • rehabilitation programme
  • what access you require to continue to provide the support to the individual.

If we all agree the service or programme is essential to undertake face to face, we can plan this with you carefully to ensure that we follow adequate control measures for all involved. All visiting clinicians must ensure they follow strict safe hygiene and infection control directed by the staff on each site.

As an organisation we are here to support our clients and staff, but also are very supportive of ensuring that all services remain as uninterrupted as possible whilst implementing the recommended levels of precautions that are expected by NDIS, SA Health and WHO.

Kind regards,
General Manager – Service Delivery