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Building a Great Memory and Keeping the Brain Active: Alice Waterman's Tricks and Tips

It’s that time of the month, our superstar blogger Alice Waterman is here to share some wisdom about life and everything that comes with it. We have been working with Alice to write her blogs for a few years now, and there is one thing that has always stood out every time we meet with her... just how incredible her memory is!

The brain is one of the most important muscles in the body to keep healthy, because it keeps everything else working. But in particular, it’s important to exercise it and keep your memory healthy as possible.

Alice can remember the little things about your life, or maybe something mentioned months ago. It has really impressed us, so we thought we would get her top recommendations on how to build a strong memory, and she has included tips to keep your brain active and healthy too.

Ways to Build a Great Memory and Keep the Brain Active
Alice Waterman

One of my top tips to keeping your brain active is to keep your body active. Going on walks and going to the gym are great ways to get your body moving.

I also believe that you should play some games to keep your brain going all the way to old age, memory games and puzzles are a fun way to keep your brain alert.

You can catch up with your friends. Catching up with friends means being able to flex the social muscle in our brain and help combat loneliness. Maybe even join a social group, doing something that you like to do like, for example a board game group. Maybe even learn how to play games which are good for your brain, like bridge.

(Playing games with friends is a great way to keep your brain active)

A holiday can be a great break for your mind and relive you of stress. You could go on holidays with a tour group, make lots of new friends at the same time learn about the history of the countries. Before you go you could join a language class. Learning a new language will help your memory and exercise your brain with all the new words and annunciation. You can even put your new language into practice on your overseas trip!

You could volunteer in an aged care facility and make the residents’ day brighter by playing boards games or cards games and talking to them about their life.

You could learn how to cook new foods by joining a cooking group. You could learn recipes off by heart and test your memory next time you go to cook for them.

Reading books is an excellent way to keep the brain active. Being engaged and wanting to know what happens next gets us hooked- and you can even learn a lot from a good non-fiction book!

Listening to music is a good way to remember things and jog your memory. Like when you hear a song that you haven’t heard in years! It is an excellent way to re-call old memories.

Going to different places that you have never been to before can help you remember how to find the place, so you won’t get lost next time you visit it.

Maybe you could join a gardening group to learn about the health benefits of certain plants. Gardening is a great relaxing activity, where you could also make new friends in the process! Have a look for some community gardens in your area. 

A great way to calm the mind and learn, would be to go and take photos in the community of trees and animals. You could then use your photos to find out what types of plants they are and expand your knowledge of nature.

For my final point I would like to say that you shouldn’t ever be scared to try something new. Learning new things and challenging the brain is a great way to keep it active. You never know- you might even find your new passion in life too!

Alice is great at sharing her insights- read her last blog post here.

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