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Achievable new year goals to set and how to make them happen

It’s a new year, which means that some of you may be wanting to set new goals that will improve your life and make you feel happier and healthier. 

Our THRIVE coordinator and qualified Diversional Therapist Emily Woolford assists THRIVE participants to achieve their meaningful goals through our Peer Goal Mentoring service. 

“I’m passionate about finding out what makes a person who they are and discovering what makes them spark. I feel very fortunate to ride this journey with our participants in turning their dreams into reality.” 

“Peer Goal Mentoring is not a traditional program, as each support service is tailored to the participant’s needs and are driven by their strengths and values. We support participants turn big dreams into reality through a multi-disciplinary approach to care.”

Our resident blogger Alice Waterman who resides at SACARE’s Supported Accommodation in Kingswood is always keeping herself busy and finding new goals to achieve that will bring more happiness to her life. We asked Alice if she could share some examples of achievable goals that might inspire some of our audience. Alice shared a big list and there is something for everyone! Top tip on setting a goal: choose something that’s in line with your values and make sure you don’t choose too many otherwise this can overwhelm you. Try to choose a couple where you believe would be achievable with a great support network. 

“To me, goal setting is about setting unique goals for yourself that will challenge you and motivate you to achieve them.  You can achieve your goals as long as you just trust that they’re realistic and that you can believe in yourself.” – Alice Waterman 

Here are Alice’s goal suggestions:


Finances can be some of our biggest worries. A couple of Alice’s goal ideas you could look at setting include:

  • You can get a part-time job doing something that you are interested in. Have a think about what you like to do and find out what options are available around you.  There are some fantastic disability employment agencies in Adelaide including MaximaMobo GroupWise EmploymentMS Solutions and more who would all be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. I work at Blend Creative two mornings a week which is an inclusive design agency, I love it!
  • What monthly subscriptions are you paying for? Have a look because you might be able to cancel some of them if you don’t use them anymore. I love my TV shows, but do you really need Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube and more?!

Healthy living
A healthy life helps create a healthier and happier mind, here are some goals that will improve your wellbeing:  

  • You could try to make your lifestyle better by building your own organic vegetable and herb garden. By growing your own vegetables and herbs you are also doing your little part to create a healthier environment (and you save money too!).
  • You could also start a new sport for example you could join a swimming class or you could join a yoga group or take golf lessons. Have a look at Inclusive Sport SA and Powerchair Football for some great examples.
  • Do you need to lose some weight? Why not set a weight loss goal and try find healthy and simple meal options that are delicious and help you achieve your goals. 

Start a new hobby

  • There are so many weird and wonderful things you could do in your area. I recently joined a ghost tour group to learn all about the old history of Adelaide. It’s so interesting! I found out about it through my support worker. Make sure you ask your support worker if they know of some interesting things happening near you. 
  • So we might not be able to travel overseas at the moment but why not use this time to learn a new language so you can use it when you travel to that country one day. 
  • How are your cooking skills? How about you try finding something you’d like to cook, it could be cookies to a healthy risotto, why not try something you haven’t cooked before, or cook a meal from a different country. Sprout’s Inclusive Cooking Classes are a great way to get started on your cooking!  I love to cook and get inspiration from the Coles and Woolworths magazines as well as
  • You could join a painting group to see if you are good at painting and to see if you would like to do it again. Have a look at Tutti Arts, or Access 2 Arts for what’s going on.

Improve your environment

  • You could paint your room in a fresh new white or a calming colour that will make you feel like your bedroom is your sanctuary.  
  • You could clean up your room or house and declutter by removing old things you don’t use anymore, like DVDs, comic books, decorations, clothes or anything else.  Before you throw them out, perhaps give them to charities if they are still in good condition. 

Build your network 

  • You could join a walking group where you can meet some new people and get fit at the same time!
  • You could adopt a pet from an animal shelter and give it a new home, and new love! Unfortunately after Christmas time so many animals end up in animal shelters. Save a life and they’ll be your best friend for the rest of their life! Check out the RSPCA shelter for which fury friends need a new home. 
  • You catch up with a friend who you haven’t seen for a while and talk about the things that have been happening in their life and ask them about their goals for the year!

If you need support in setting and achieving your goals, speak to our THRIVE team about Peer Goal Mentoring. Our passionate and experienced team will learn more about your values and dreams and create a guide and ongoing support so that you can fulfil your goals. 

We offer Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Peer Goal Mentoring, to learn more about THRIVE and to arrange a chat with one of our friendly team today, click here: