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A Day in My Life: Dylan from Briarholm

When it comes to supporting our clients, SACARE know how to provide exceptional care and support. But what is our main point of difference? Our focus is on independence and lifestyle. Our support staff are not there to care and control, they are there to help and support.

This means supporting a client’s independence by letting decision making sit entirely with them. What they want to eat, what they want to do, what time they go to bed. This is their life and all decisions are theirs, we are just happy to be here to help when they need it.

What does this look like?

Lucky for us we have a series of guest bloggers who want to share their day, living in an sacare Supported Independent Living Accommodation, with you.

First up is Dylan. Please enjoy reading what a day in his life is like…

My name is Dylan and I call Briarholm, Kingswood home! I live with a bunch of awesome people that I call mates and I am really happy living here. What I love the most is that staff encourage me to do things but also respect that I make the call for what works for me.

A typical day for me looks like this:

I hear my door open, it’s a support worker or team leader telling me the time and asking me if I want to wake up. If I am in a deep sleep they leave me be because I am a night owl and I sometimes push the limits with how far that can take me (insert giggle!!).

Once I am awake, I like breakfast before my shower and morning routine, so I am supported to get up and then offered breakfast.

I get to call the shots here and make some pretty big requests, but my favourite go to is pancakes which I enjoy in my room with the support of one of my mates.

I then usually ask for help to have my shower and I get spruced up for the day. I have my wardrobe sussed, and a big range to choose from – port power gear!

I pick my fav shirts… my fav jackets, and once dressed, I am helped into my awesome port power chair!

From here, the day is mine. I am encouraged to participate in whatever is going on at Briarholm, and I am offered activities or things to do by the staff.

We check my calendar or the diary, make sure nothing is on and then I decide what I want to do.

Usually, my day consists of cards; board games; my fav shows; chillin’ on my computer; having chin wags with others; or lots of laughs and banter.

The best thing about SACARE is the staff know me so well that they understand me like a best mate. They know what makes me laugh and they know what upsets me.

If something is on in the community that they know I love, I am offered to go and just like that we head off.

Recently, I connected with an old work mate, from years ago. The Briarholm family at SACARE make it really easy to go to his house and hang with him. Now I do this often! That has been really important to me. I am stoked. What I love the most is that I am just seen as Dylan at home with these guys, and that is really awesome.

Want to live an awesome life like Dylan with the support of sacare? Check out our Support Options here.



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