Are You Interested in Working with In Home Disability Care Service Providers? SACARE Can Help

Whether a person is born with a disability or develops one due to an injury or a medical condition, independence almost always becomes a key concern. On the one hand, it’s important to maintain independence in whatever ways possible. Anyone can benefit from living in familiar surroundings, with friends, neighbours and family members they know and love nearby. Moving out of the house and into an assisted living facility of some sort can make those connections more difficult to maintain, among other issues. For these reasons, it is always at least worthwhile to consider disability home care as a potential option.

Home Care or Facility Care: How to Choose

At SACARE, we provide both in-home care services and facility care. We are perhaps most known for the latter, thanks to our four state-of-the-art supported independent living facilities located in the Adelaide metropolitan area. However, we have also spent 20 long years developing one of the most robust and respected home care programs for disabled individuals in the Adelaide area. If you or a loved one is weighing the question of ‘home care or facility care?’, we can help find the answer because we offer both.

Ultimately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question. There is no point in a disabled person’s life where they switch from being able to live at home to requiring the complex care that a facility can provide. Every person’s needs are different, and so many different variables—from the nature of the disability to the person’s mobility/independent capability, all the way to age and overall health—can impact the ideal recommendation.

Consulting with someone from SACARE is a terrific place to start if you are facing a dilemma of home care versus facility care. The reason is that we completely understand the need to provide personalised advice and service to every single patient. Part of the reason our home care program is so respected is that it approaches every single patient as an individual first and foremost. Our home care services are built on Personal Care Plans, which we develop based on detailed consultations with the patients and their family members.

For instance, one person might be able to live at home comfortably and with relative independence. They just need help with tasks like shopping, meal preparation and laundry. Another person might require help with continence management or personal care needs. At SACARE, we can develop in-home care plans that make sense for each person we serve. If a person’s needs are challenging to meet at home and it would make more sense for them to live at one of our support independent living facilities, we will broach that subject when the time comes.

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Whether you’re thinking about disability home care or are wondering whether facility care would make more sense, SACARE is here to help you find the answer. To consult with one of our home care providers, contact us today.