SACARE: Providing Disability Housing, Advocacy and Other Services in the Adelaide Area

At SACARE, we believe that people with disabilities should be able to live independently. We believe that people with disabilities should be able to pursue the same educational and professional opportunities as anyone else. We believe that people with disabilities should be able to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

For these reasons and so many more, we have dedicated ourselves to be some of the most prominent disability service providers in Adelaide. Most of our services focus on housing. We offer in-home care services and disability housing options in what we call ‘supported independent living facilities.’ Both housing services are designed to maximise independence for individuals with disabilities while also ensuring that they have the support and care they need to live rich, full lives.

Disability Advocacy and Our Role in the Process

However, because the services we offer are so grounded in a belief that people with disabilities should have more independence and autonomy, our business naturally crosses into the territory of disability advocacy services. So much of the world is not set up to be friendly or inclusive for individuals with a disability. From travel to entertainment to careers and beyond, there are barriers everywhere that make it more difficult for disabled people to explore opportunities, reach their goals or revel in many of the joys and beauties of the world.

We try to play our part in disability advocacy in several ways. Usually, we do it by working with disabled people to reach greater levels of independence. Independence, we think, is the key to knocking down many of the barriers that stand in the way of disabled individuals. By providing independent living options, we are working to eliminate a misconception that people with disabilities always need to be in assistive care.

We also try to provide educational opportunities during our housing and home care services. We teach our residents how to budget. We teach them daily planning strategies. We teach them social skills. These tools, also, are crucial to knocking down those walls that we mentioned before.

Finally, a big part of disability advocacy is respect: respect for people with disabilities and the difficulties they face; respect for people with disabilities and who they are beyond their disabilities; respect for the intelligence and ability these people exude regardless of their circumstances. By recognising these qualities and doing what we can to bring them out, we not only help people with disabilities become more confident and more independent, but we also pave the way for other people to recognise those qualities as well.

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At SACARE, we would love the opportunity to tell you more about our disability services and how we think they help pave the way for a world that is more accepting and open to individuals with disabilities. To start a conversation, contact us today.