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About Us

SACARE is a South Australian family owned business established in 1999 

We offer community-based housing options, providing 24/7 care for individuals living with high and complex needs.
At SACARE, we consider disability care differently. Being a family business, we understand the importance of creating an environment where all members feel welcome, including the four-legged variety. 

Our company values and points of difference support our philosophy that every individual should have access to services and accommodation that can help them to achieve their personal goals and have the opportunity to live a life of independence, the way it suits them. One size does not fit all. To enable every one of our clients to reach their potential, we provide personalised and flexible options. 

We select our team based on their passion for assisting others and creating solutions, ensuring we employ staff who are as passionate about providing good quality care as we are. You can teach skills, but passion and understanding cannot be taught from a text book.

As a leader in the industry of disability care, we do not believe in political correctness - we aim to provide the highest quality supported independent living and professional services available and that they are maintained by some of their most experienced, flexible and passionate people that Australia has to offer.

SACARE is committed to delivering professional, compassionate care for individuals living with complex needs and supports this expertise with ongoing training for more than 300 full time equivalent staff.

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