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SACARE is a South Australian, family owned and administered business that provides housing and care services for people with disability. SACARE is a NDIS and DCSI approved service provider that considers disability differently. Our philosophy is that every individual should have access to services and accommodation that can help them achieve their personal goals and live a life of independence that suits them. Being a family business, we understand the importance of creating an inspiring and uplifting environment where all members feel welcome, (including four legged friends).

To ensure that every one of our clients reaches their potential, we provide personalised housing and care options as we know that “one size does not fit all”. As a leader in the industry, we do not believe in political correctness - we aim to provide the highest quality accommodation and professional services available, that are maintained by some of the most experienced, flexible and passionate people that Australia has to offer.



Our team is selected based on their passion for assisting others. We are dedicated to understanding an individual’s needs in order to create optimal care solutions. You can teach skills, but passion and understanding cannot be taught from a text book. At SACARE we have over 100 employees ranging from support workers to pugs, meet some of the team below:


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If it's not fun, don't come!

Tim Prowse Chief Executive Officer
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Attitudes are contagious. Make yours worth catching!

Chloe Kempe General Manager- Client Relations & Service Delivery
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Technology should improve your life... not become your life.

Alex Marshall Projects & Technology Development
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The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.

Alex Killey Manager of Social and Behavioural Therapies
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Compassion is to look beyond your own pain, to see the pain of others.

John, Jody & Stewart Client Service Managers
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Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Michael, Bec, Jodie & Lisa Service Coordination


Alice Waterman

“I am a resident at Kingswood and I like SACARE because the people are very nice and they are willing to help you and they let you feel like you are part of the SACARE community.”

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Ben Everson

"I've been a client with SACARE for a bit over 3 years now and recently just moved house. This was a situation I was most worried about, organising new support workers in a new environment with the pressures of studying, although the team at SACARE did a wonderful job, the support workers and I gelled quite quickly and the process ended up being a breeze."

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Boris Perkovic

"My family are so pleased to see my brother at Barton House. We have personalised his room with all of his prized football memorabilia, photos and pet fish. He seems comfortable in his home and I am more than happy with the level of care that he is receiving. My family and I have been made very welcome and our needs and my brother's needs have always been fully met."

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Deb Johnstone

"SACARE was the best choice I made in my career, as they are a company who look after their own, who encourage growth and offer opportunities to expand and succeed."

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Franca Folino

"We are very pleased with the support workers we have at present. They are excellent at their work and very caring and compassionate, also very understanding. They come with a special package, including a sense of humour, we all can have a good laugh! Above all, the support workers we have, know Domenic's routine well and it's done professionally, with a touch of humor. That's exactly what we are looking for."

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Mike Smith

"I was trying to find a living situation where I could live with my wife Tanya in care, and nobody did that, other than SACARE. We feel fortunate and find ourselves in a situation where we’re supported in a fantastically fitted out facility, at Kingswood, with enough care staff. The right care staff. And it’s like home."        

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Mike Worsman

“So proud to have met the people behind SACARE, and truly honoured to work with them on their videos. To be honest, they just have a lot right in their organisation. Perhaps it is because they are family run, or maybe they just care more than most, but whatever it is, they are an organisation I'd trust with my life and that of my loved ones.” - Founder of Give Media and A Million Smiles Project

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Nick Benwell

"Leaving Hampstead and moving into Tolley House has given my mental attitude a 180° turnaround. I am happier than I thought I could be living with a spinal injury."

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