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Why Work at SACARE?

This year the sacare Social Team have given each month a theme... so everything we share for that month will be relevant to that month’s theme. It’s February, so we’re officially kicking off ‘Careers Month’! 

As a disability provider we not only care about the lives of our participants and their careers, but also about those who work for sacare.

Sacare has grown rapidly in recent years, with the expansion of our community participants and opening of The Gums… we now have just over 500 employees making those wheels roll!

As you may have noticed we are always looking for nurses and support workers, but did you know that sacare also employs a range of people with different professions and interests?

For example, sacare head office has taken on 4 graduates in the last year. Two in marketing, one in HR and another in finance. Each have started with sacare in a work placement capacity and managed to prove their skills and gain employment. 

There are many other departments you may not realise exist within sacare, these include IT, HR, service coordination and ‘quality and compliance’… we even have a houseboat manager!

Right now we are on the hunt for dedicated support workers and coordination superstars, so why not have a look at our careers page here!

Although there are a wide variation of jobs and roles within sacare, something every department has in common is that they are staffed by wonderful people who are committed to doing the best they can.

“I did my internship with SACARE in my last semester. I was working as 2-3 days a week as an intern. It wasn’t an easy start as I had no experience in the accounting feild apart from my university studies. However, the team at sacare was always welcomed and helped me throughout my time as an intern. In the first week of June, Sam asked me if I wanted to continue working at SACARE once I finish my internship as a part-time accountant. Without even giving it a second thought I said yes and my journey at sacare continues…”

Saif Shaikh, Graduate Accountant

But how does sacare find and keep such great employee’s?
Well the first reason (and probably the most unique) is that we allow dogs to come into work with us, both in head office and all Supported Accommodation. We believe that our four legged friends provide a calming presence, and are fabulous for a bit of entertainment too. If you would like to read a full list about the benefits to having puppies around, read our past blog post here.

Sacare is a diverse and inclusive workplace. We employ all kinds of people with different backgrounds, skills and abilities. Some of our participants even work for sacare. We love to make everyone feel welcome and embrace the diversity in our teams. 

As a company, sacare truly believes in, and supports their staff. We’re supportive of our staff’s careers goals and help to nurture aspirations. As an example, Alex Killey who was a lifestyle coordinator at the time; had an idea for a different model of activities with participants. The idea was to give them a more fulfilling life, rather than just being taken out for entertainment.Alex shared her idea with sacare, and nearly two years later the award winning THRIVE program is running and participants are benefitting from her idea immensely.

Many of sacare’s staff have been working within the company for years across different roles and positions. Every year there is a group of staff members who join the 10+ year dinner, which is Hosted by the Marshall family to celebrate everyone within the company who has been part of the sacare family for a decade or longer.

Another great perk about working for sacare includes daily fitness sessions in the well-equipped gym at head office.

Of course, a lot of our staff members have started in roles such as community support worker and nurses, but sacare is always recruiting and ALWAYS looking for super stars in their field. So why not have a look out on our employment page for your new start!

Wondering what the process to being a support worker looks like? Why not read this blog about the ‘Path to becoming a Support Worker’ here.