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Sharing Our Voice: Better Out Than In!

As we shared a few weeks ago, a group of plucky, amateur journos have started a group at Briarholm to raise issues that face themselves and the local disability community.

Written by Mikkel and Dylan, who are both sacare residents and Melissa, who is a lifestyle coordinator; for this instalment the team talk about why it is important to get out of the house and enjoy the local community.

If you would like to find out a bit more where Mikkel and Dylan live, or sacare’s other supported independent living accommodation follow this link here.


TOPIC: “BETTER OUT THAN IN!” Our view on the importance of community inclusion.

Oh how nice it is to go out and enter the community, whether it’s getting a coffee from the local hipster café, going for a drive through the hills or a beer from the local stomping ground… there is nothing better than getting out and getting amongst nature and our surroundings.

It makes our soul happy, it makes our minds happy and it makes our bodies happy.


(Dylan and Melissa at Sound and Vibes Festival in December!)

Here are some of the key reasons why we think it that it is better out than in!


  • It is fun (you know what SACARE say, if it’s fun – don’t come!).
  • It gives me a happy mind.
  • It makes my day awesome.
  • I feel included and a part of the community.


  • I agree, it’s fun.
  • I can meet new friends and catch up with old.
  • I am a part of the community.
  • It gives me good mental health.
  • I get to see new environments.

We feel really good about the opportunities we have been given here at SACARE. Just recently, Mikkel moved to Kingswood and we have built a great relationship and became best mates. We have been able to go to the beach together! Mikkel felt the sand in his toes! I [Dylan] was able to smell the sea and watch people, it was a great day. We have also been to the speedway together which was wicked, we danced at sound and vibes and I really love to dance – I want to dance more! Mikkel loved the cricket the most – sitting at Adelaide Oval with the boys was a great time. The zoo is another good one, the panda was climbing the trees it was awesome.

(Pictured above: Mikkel, Dylan, Jenny and Sam at the Adelaide Zoo)

We want the community to know that it’s important to ask your friends, clients and family – “what do you want to do today?” and although some of the people you work with or support may not talk, find ways to hear them and learn about their goals and hobbies. If you listen and encourage activities that people will love – you will have people who want to then participate; you will support positive health and wellbeing and might even help someone reduce behaviours as they are expressing themselves and living life their way.

(Pictured above: Ben and Mikkel at the All Accessible Beach Day at Henley)

Alone we can do so little… together we can do so much, as Helen Keller once said! So, let’s do just that. Research your local and extended communities, use social media platforms, join email links, observe the flyers you see and most importantly get to know those around you and support them to take chances and risks.

If you have any amazing activities that you know of happening in Adelaide, we would love to hear them – please email with your ideas!

Yours faithfully,

Mikkel and Dylan from The team at Kingswood

Want to read the journo squad’s first report? You can find that here.


Did you know sacare has just opened brand new accommodation at Salisbury? Learn all about The Gums by following this link.


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