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Putting the Power in Their Partnership: Maria and Shelley

Have you noticed that we LOVE to share the stories of both our clients and our staff?
Well if you haven’t… we really do, and it even inspired us to run a company-wide competition to find the ultimate power-duos. What is a power-duo? Well, it's when two people work together to totally thrive in life! It's when a support worker is able to help someone live their best life. It's about respect for each other, appreciation and gratitude, but above all, it's about having fun together and making the most out of each other's day. 

The first power-duo we are introducing is Maria and Shelly, they shared with us about why they work so well as a team.

It was Maria who submitted her entry to this competition. We asked the question ‘What is your story?’, and this is what she had to say...

“Shelley is my lifesaver; we go for drives to the beach - no worries. Shopping and medicine pickup - no worries, appointment to doctor or hospital - no worries. I’m able to stay home due to the caring role Shelley plays in my life. I appreciate her, she assists me in my daily living and lightens my load both physically and emotionally.”

We loved that there was a connection beyond basic support, so Molly from sacare went out to visit and learn more about their story….

Maria: Shelley has been with me now for two years, at least. And she hasn’t let me down, we can communicate, and she is very supportive- so that I can stay home because it is hard for me to get out and get around. And Shelley has been there, like my backbone, if I need to go to the hospital, she takes me, and she will push me around, even if it’s raining- and I know that because we got wet one time! But I mean, it’s those little extra things that make a difference. Like the foot pedals on my wheelchair... there are people who forget about them. And if I drop my feet I’ll be in trouble! They don’t have to be big things, just to make sure that I’m happy to be home and don’t feel alone.

Interviewer, Molly: Oh great! So, I guess my next question would be, what makes her a cut above the rest?

Maria: She’s also my emotional support. She shares with me and I share with her.

I can just trust Shelly. If I need her to pick up milk or bread- not that I ring her very often, but she will go that extra mile if needed.

(Shelley and Maria at a Hydrotherapy session)

Interviewer Molly: Okay! Shelley, what makes Maria special to you?

Shelley: Basically, the same, I can share anything with Maria. If I’m having a problem I can talk to Maria, she says I’m her emotional support, but she can be mine too. We also get along so well. And I know if Maria is having a bad day, I will say to her, “Come on, let’s go… let's go do something!”, like going for a swim and other little things.

Molly: So, it’s a personal and emotional connection, rather than just support?

Maria and Shelley: Yes!

Molly: You said that you’ve been working together for two years now. How did you both find sacare?

Shelley: I’ve actually been with sacare for almost six years and before that, I was working in a nursing home... and I was a single parent. My job network told me that I needed to work more hours, they suggested sacare and I had the interview the next day and I started work almost instantly.

I love sacare and the clients that I get.

Molly: Maria how did you find us?

Maria: Well, I went from two other [providers] before sacare. My disability SA worker asked me to go over to sacare. She said that she felt that they ‘the best’ care. I tried another company… but I found them just not as suitable, so I moved over to sacare. I mean we have our hiccups, as well… but I try hard to be flexible. But also, good ol’ Shelley always turns up. She is reliable.

Shelley: It’s just nice to have that emotional connection. I mean you can come in and do your work and it can be like, being a robot. But if you can talk to the person… and connect on a personal level it makes the difference.

Maria: I still find it hard, sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed. My husband Trevor needs certain set ups, and sometimes people don’t listen, you know. It’s got to be what he wants as well.

Molly: Well I guess Shelley supports you in the way that you need?

Maria: Of course, because sometimes my husband physically can’t help me, I really need her.

Molly: is there anything else you guys wanted to add about your power-duo story?

Maria: We go to hydro every week; we’re supposed to be going this week actually. But the jets knock me over, because they are so strong. So, Shelley has to drag me around…

Shelley: You mean I hold you…

Maria: Yes… she holds on and we have done only 9 sessions, but it’s FUN! She makes me float, and she’s floating, but you know it’s just a fun thing! We do our hydrotherapy, but it’s also the fact that she gets in with me… we’ve worked out our little routine and then we get a coffee when we leave.

Molly: It’s just like hanging out with friends isn’t it?

Maria: It’s always like that! Yes! And it’s an outing for me. I know it’s sad to say, but it’s my outing. Shelley is quite happy to do that. Sometimes we go a little bit over time, but we work it out.

Shelley: You know I’m always happy if we go overtime, it’s not an issue. It’s more like friends hanging out.

Maria: That’s what I enjoy, I enjoy that she helps me in that extra mile.

Want to become a part of your own Power-Duo? Why not have a look at the in-home services sacare could help you with, by clicking on this link.