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Physiotherapy services now at SACARE

SACARE has recently launched our THRIVE Therapy Services. THRIVE Therapy Services helps participants achieve their functional and meaningful goals to maximise independence, build resilience and enhance social and community participation. The THRIVE goal is to create pathways to achieve functional objectives that can assist participants with the skills they need for short term and long term functional and meaningful goals.

THRIVE Therapy Services currently combines the essential skills of:

  • Occupational Therapy - To support clients’ functional goals
  • Physiotherapy - To support clients’ physical needs
  • Clinical Nursing - To support clients’ complex healthcare needs
  • Therapy Assistants - To help clients achieve meaningful goals
We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to our new Physiotherapist Rebecca!

Rebecca completed a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2013 at the University of South Australia. Since then she has worked across multiple sites in health care in South Australia and Victoria in the public and private sectors including, Orthopaedics, General Medical, Stroke, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, GEM unit, TCP programs and community rehabilitation. 

Rebecca has worked with acute and subacute care clients to become NDIS participants, LSA participants and RTW participants and has experience working with:

  • Adults with high complex needs
  • Transfer assessments and retraining
  • Gait assessments and retraining
  • Prescription of gait aids including frames and wheelchairs
  • Hydrotherapy prescription
  • Group therapy
  • Therapy in the home

We recently had a chat with Rebecca at The Gums and asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better. 

What is a physiotherapist and what do they do? 

Physiotherapy is about rehabilitating a person’s ability to move and function. We are required to have a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology to treat a wide range of people and associated health conditions. The overall aim of physiotherapy in rehabilitation is about achieving a client’s personal goals which can range from being able to get from chair to bed with one person instead of two people or returning to walking or return to hobbies such as swimming or sport. It can also be about pain and fatigue management, management of spasticity, prescription of aids and general fitness among other things. As physiotherapists, we work closely with occupational therapists to achieve independence in activities of daily living such as, taking a shower. 

What does a typical physiotherapy session look like for someone with a complex disability? 

A typical session of physiotherapy looks very much like a gym session. Work is done mostly around strengthening weak muscle groups to aid in improving function and functional re-training. We also trial different mobility aids to see what works best for the patient. Throughout the duration of the session, we are constantly assessing the client my asking the following questions; can you do it better with support here? What if you try it like that? Can you correct this if you are concentrating on it?

What are some functional goals that you’ve helped people achieve? 

As a physiotherapist, I enjoy working together with people to reach their goals, working in a close multidisciplinary team and developing service structure to better suit client’s needs.

A lot of physiotherapy is aimed at self-management and programs with allied health assistants so that you can do a bit of strengthening work and then really focus on the goals and progression with the therapist. Some goals that I have helped my clients achieve are; 

  • Helping become independent with transfers
  • Helping clients who had been bed bound return to walking again
  • Helping clients return to community mobility
  • Helping clients return to running and cycling
  • Helping clients return to work

We are so excited to have Rebecca be a part of our team and as a part of our new and improved THRIVE Therapy Services! 

For more information about booking a physiotherapy session with SACARE or getting involved with our THRVE Therapy Services, please be sure to contact

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